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Treating Depression


Tramadol is not an opiate its a central opioid agonist and is not even close to Effexor which is a SNRI.
Are you sure it was Tramadol?


Yes, I'm sure it's Tramadol. As far as it being an opioid, I guess it's not technically an opioid... just that it has opioid effects, inclusive of the addictive properties.


"The analgesic tramadol has many characteristics in common with the antidepressant venlafaxine. The drugs are structurally similar, share both serotonergic and noradrenergic properties, and undergo a similar metabolic fate."


Testosterone is far from the only component needed for muscular hypertrophy, and feel free to cross reference anything I have said. I didn't say he has low T, I said it's a possibility. You can have high T and be clinically depressed. There are many possible reasons for depression. The best thing to do is root cause analysis. Hormonal imbalance can most definitely be a reason. The effect of the sex hormones on the brain, particularly the health and regeneration of synapses is not something to over look. It's to often overlooked actually.

Further, aren't you the one who wanted to take Paxil to last longer in the sack? Drink whiskey, it's faster and less caustic than Paxil.


It sucks as a pain killer.


Pretty much unrelated, but some tricyclics and SSRI's are being used to treat certain types of pain.


It does suck as a pain killer, but it's great for my mood.


Tramadol is quite popular on other board I frequent.

Everyday use - forget it. Especially if you're after an anti-depressant effect. Your tolerance will build fairly quick and it's that point you'll either need to hop off the ride....or start messing with higher doses, which is never a smart thing with opiod acting drugs.

Couple of times a week, you can get away with that, but there are probably better long-term strategies.

Have you tried any of the older tricyclics or the MAOI's?. These tend to be far better drugs really than the SSRI's but docs are relucutant because their overodse margin is quite low and they carry a fair few interactions respectively.

I've had good success with the unique SSRE Tianeptine which I started last year.

Best of luck.


The tricyclics often have more side effects too.


Thanks for the advice/knowledge. I haven't tried any of the older meds. I've tried: Effexor, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Lexapro (bad sexual side effects), Viibryd, Abilify.

I think the most important thing I got from this "discovery" is that something actually DID work for me, even if it's not really a viable solution. I'd sort of given up on the medication route. Time to talk to my psychiatrist again (or find a better one).

It feels great to feel normal again.


I wouldn't neccesarily say more, but yes, they're not without their sides either. They tend to be and are reflective of their anti-cholinerigc and anti-histaminergic action - tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension, reduced gut motility, excessive sedation etc. The rarity of sexual side-effects, along with the risks of akathisia seen with SSRI/SNRI's is clinically significant. It's all very much dose-dependent though, and a cost to benefit ratio than needs to be weighed up in any decision.


how in the fuck is the first response you need medication?


Also extremely common to prescribe for stomach and gastro intestinal issues such as IBS because of the large amout of seratonin receptors in the stomach.


This, whiskey dick ftw


Because he said he goes to sleep at night hoping he doesn't wake up in the morning. This is what stood out to me. If this wasn't said I probably wouldn't have went to meds right away. But sounds like he's ill....and you take meds when you are ill.. Like I said before its impossible for any of us here to say, but I'm willing to bet that if he goes to a professional and says that he wishes he would die then they would jump to meds as well.


That's why I take amitriptyline.


My GP never asked me, I never experienced Mania before I took Welbutrin.


Wellbutrin is one of the more typically well tolerated ones. But I have heard of it inducing mania, but typically with people who have experienced it before. Sounds like you were really unlucky.


This is so important to understand and realize, like I have said before I've been on ADs and other stuff for close to 20 years, While I would love to be able to taper off and be drug free I honestly and unfortunately am coming to the realization it may never become a reality.

Good stuff Pat


I was very dissapointed believe me, from all the reading I have done it seemed like it was well regarded and one of the few ADs that did not have adverse sexual side effects, in fact for many people it was the opposite.


And many people who need to lose a few pounds do from the medication. It's a lot like a mild stimulant in some regards. That's also perhaps why it can induce mania speaking in more colloquial terminology.