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Treating Bursitis of the Knee


I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for expediting the healing process of infrapatellar bursitis (clergyman's knee). I have had inflammation for about 2 weeks now. It was all onset by a combination of hip hop dancing (which involves alot of time dropping to our knees on hardwood dance floors) and pulling a bar into it during a power snatch (ouch).

Initial pain has mostly subsided and swelling is slowly reducing, but is still high enough to prevent me from any lower body lifts. I'm icing 2-3 times/day and taking naproxen for the inflammation. I went to PT yesterday for an assessment, during which she found nothing wrong with me biomechanically, and believes all the inflammation is trauma-induced. Now it's just a waiting game for my damned swelling to go down. Is there anything I'm missing?

Any words of wisdom?


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