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Treated Better than the Average Joe

Any of you T-Men/Vixens ever feel like your treated better in every day life than those who choose not to pursue the T-lifesytle. I have a pretty decent physique, its obvious I train and eat right, and it just seems that things are easier for me in terms of dealing with people. From checking out at the grocery store to interviewing for a job to just walking on campus, I just find that I’m held in a much better light than your everyday average person.

…or it could all be in your head. :wink: Whether people are actually treating you better or not, training and leading a T-lifestyle obviously affects your confidence in a positive manner. So the way you present yourself to others changes the way they react to you. Either way, the end result is the same. Pretty cool, huh?

Tyler has a good point about the confidence resultant of persuing the “T” lifestyle. But society’s reaction to “attractive” people is fairly well researched/documented (no, I don’t have any links or studies handy, just have seen a lot of them around). Whether it’s due to a person possessing good bone structure, dressing/accessorizing well, being fit/healthy or possessing confidence - those fitting into an above group(s) are treated differently from those not. And apparently, you’re benefitting from this - COOL!


Tyler has a good point…confidence will take you a long, long way. On the other hand, I make my living addressing groups of people. One of my informal rules of thumb is: People like pretty people. I didn’t make that rule; I just have to live with it. So anything I do to make myself more attractive (and confident) makes it that much easier for my audience (whether one person or a whole jury panel) to relate to me. That’s the long answer. The short answer: yes. When was the last time you saw someone going out of their way to help some fat, disgusting, pimply schlub?

I seem to remember Arnold having made a point about this. He said he noticed that people treated him with a lot more respect. Again, you could say was a reflection of his confidence, but I know that I treat people differently if I perceive them as “lifters.”

If you’re such a big impressive fellow, how come your name is “The Fragile”? :wink:

Pertaining to interviewing: Obviously having an “above average” physique takes dedication. Many employers (if they have half a brain) will make the connection between a good physique and the dedication and hard work it took to get it. These are traits that should be sought after by any employer.

Your a legend in your own mind…or the fact that you feel better about your self affects your perception of how people treat you.

i dont really know if this applys to us men. however, it definately applys to women. think about it, doesnt every hot chick get treated better than the average fat girl? beautiful women go through life thinking that everyone is nice and peachy. when in fact those same people wouldnt even speak to us.

Didn’t “60 minutes” or some other show do a story on this ?? where ugly out of shape people, with the same credentials as better looking, fit people, have a harder time getting the same jobs. i’ve also read it takes an average of 4 weeks more for a fat person to get a job vs. a fit person. we’re all judged by the way we look.

Definitely. Just take a look at outside sales people. Most of the ones in my company (telecommunications) are, in the least, fairly attractive. And many of the women are very attractive. That’s also been true for any other company I’ve ever worked for.


You will be more confident but I can say without a doubt that people will treat you WAY more better when you are in shape.

I’ve been an ugly looking person, and a beautiful person, and can say without a doubt that people will treat you so much better when you are beautiful. Guys will respect you and women have that “gleam” in their eyes and a big smile, when dealing with you.

The only drawback is that I work in a technical field and alot of the guys who have “Revenge of the Nerds” syndrome always approach me with suspicion as an enemy at first until they see I’m on their side. Or they will dismiss my ability because of the way I look, but hey, I work better when I have something to prove so even better.

That is pretty funny. I am in the process of leaving the programming field, and I totally understand what you mean. The nerds see me as a total jock and I have to earn their respect. Of course, this may just all be in my head but it seems to be the case. But who cares now, I have decided to give in to my jock-side for good.


Whoah, glad to see someone else out there encounters this.

If you are willing to share (I don’t want to be too nosy), what did you decide to go into? I’m in a similar field and I am TIRED of it, the long hours and lack of stability make it impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Short term I am dedicating myself to hockey and will play semi-pro in 3 years. Long term I will be a Renegade Mentor and coach hockey goaltenders. How’s that for a switch?

If it helps, I was scared as hell to make the change. I had a mortgage, a $400 car payment plus all the usual bills and expenses. But I thought about it, figured out how to make it work, and now I have a feeling of complete ease. I can't even describe the feeling I have, almost a feeling like I finally figured out what I am supposed to do.

Good luck!


I am so happy for you!!! What a tremendous feeling to have put all of that behind you. You have alot of courage to do that, no doubt, and you will succeed because of it.

Good luck and don’t check those guys too hard!

Haha, well, if I check anyone then the game is out of hand because I am a goaltender. But thanks for the words. You said you were “tired” of your work also, maybe it is time to figure out what drives you as well?

Sorry, just had to jump in at the mention of a goalie putting a hit on someone. :wink: Usually, goalies don’t get to play like that but then you have guys like Roy. Any chance you saw him level Bertuzzi last game between the Avalanche and the Canucks? It was bee-you-tee-ful! Then there were the times he’d call out the opposing goalie to the red line and do a little ass-whoopin’. And there was also a nice little beating that some crease-crashing yahoo got last year. Aah, the memories. :wink: But you’re right, those games might be considered “out of hand”. Still plenty of fun to watch though.

Actually, at the level I will be playing goalie fights are not uncommon. Maybe I should switch to Coach Davies’ MMA program instead :).

Ya, Roy is good at checking players and making it look like an accident, or at least disguising it enough to not get penalized. He did call out Mike Vernon once, but Vernon kicked his ass pretty badly. Here is a nice picture of Vernon displaying his own MMA skills :)

www.pwrplayhockey.com/ redwingpictures/vernNroy.jpg

Ooow, that is a nice shot! Ah well, not everyone can win every fight. :wink: Good luck with your career switch!