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Need advice on what to look for when buying a treadmill, such as price, features etc. Are there any specific brands that would be best to consider? OK, let’s discuss!

Teela, you are already hot, why do you need a treadmill, silly? No but seriously, I have no idea.

I’d head over to Runners World and ask there…


They have an article on treadmills, and there are several threads in their forums about them.

You can also check out Consumer Reports.

Good luck!


True treadmills are awesome, but pricey.

Watch the classifeids. Many ppl buy these things, nice ones. Think they will use it. After using it a hand full of times it just collects dust and then they sell them for next to nothing.

That said I am all about getting outside for cardio.

Good luck

Once you figure out the models you like go on EBAY.

Phill’s right, a lot of these things you can get used.


Why buy a treadmill going into summer, especially in CO. Outdoor exercise now and save up and worry more about buying one later into the summer or early fall.

I would think that you could get a better deal on one in Colorado now. More people are going to be looking for treadmills when it is cold outside than when it is nice. So the demand should be down right now, thus lowering the price of them.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I will see what I can find.

T-Quinn: Apparently you haven’t been to Colorado. The weather here is so unpredictable (rain or snow at any time) and can interrupt outdoor activity quite often.

oubigyu: Good point about suggesting to look locally for good deals!

I recommend the Treadclimber. You can do TWICE the work in one EFFORTLESS motion!!!

Yes, I’m kidding. Just saw the commercial again for that one. Work twice as hard, yet it’s “effortless.” Sheesh!