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Treadmill Walking


Recently I started doing some FMC on the treadmill @ about 3-4% incline and between 3-4 mph. These walks last for ~40 minutes.
At the beginning, I get a pretty intense burning in my anterior tibialis(shin muscle), but after about 20 minutes there's no more burning. I was just wondering if anyone might know why this is, and what exactly is going on.



If I were to guess, and thats all this is, your AT draws your toes/foot upwards, on the incline you likely do this a little more than you would walking with no incline. The burning is probably just your AT fatiguing. That it goes away could be a few things, but most likely (again a guess) you are slightly changing your stride to compensate for that fatigue.


Thanks for the input


I actually deal with some of the same burning in my shins as well. Usually lowering the incline helps with it, if i go over 4% I tend to get it. If I ignore it and keep walking it tends to stay affected throughout the rest of the day which can be discomforting, but the higher incline work is sometimes worth it.


I've found over the past few days that over my 50 minute walk, if I bump up the speed at the same incline, today 4%, it doesn't happen. It's probably just been a too much too soon problem/not warming up properly.


If that solved the problem, stick with it.

It could also be the start of some kind of shin splints. I used to get something similar when I had a 15-20 minute walking commute from the train station to work. A few sets of high rep toe raises, to condition the tibialis and ankle musculature, done once or twice a week should help. Toe raise is pictured above, start with no weight to get a feel for the movement (keep the foot forward, not directly under the knee).


Thanks Chris.