Treadmill Walking Alternatives-4 Days a Week

Hi coach,
after reading all your advice about only doing stuff on your rest days that you don’t need to recover from( walking ),can you give me your opinion on these alternatives?, particularly the ones that involve a lot of upper body/core muscles.

Each would be done at moderate intensity to be able to keep heart rate up for 30-40 min, resting when needed.

-Kettlebell swings
-Heavy bag or Mitt work
-Sledgehammer work
-Assault bike (steady state)
-Erg/Rower (steady state)

Thank you for your time Coach!

I’m not saying that these aren’t doable, but they are lightyears ahead of walking. For one thing, except for skipping and bag work, everything there involves an external resistance. Which loads the muscles and will likely burn glycogen (which is what I really want to avoid).

And these have the potential to be easily overdone in the context of a full program. Its kinda hard to “overdo” walking to a point where it will have a noticeable detrimental effect on performance. But with each of these the slightest excess could lead to affecting either the muscles or CNS in a way that would hurt performance.

You could try one of them ONCE a week for now to see what kind of impact I is having on your performance and go from there. If maximum fat loss and only muscle maintenance is your goal you might be able to go that direction but if maximum strength and mass are your concern I would thread very carefully.

Ahh yes, external resistance is the key!

Thank you coach for your enlightenment.