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treadmill/pain in front calf

Everytime I run on the treadmill I get tremendous painn in the shin/front calf area. It almost locks my foot up where I can’t move it. I’ve tried to put lower the incline, but that doesn’t seem to help out. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?

Describe the pain. It could be a number of things. Everything from shin splints to Anterior Comparment Syndrom.

Best of Luck.

Think you might have shin splints? If you do, you’ll need to take some time off from running. Once it heals, gradually start back up and try running on an incline again but gradually. Go and see a physiotherapist to get a diagnosis to start. I used to have these really bad, but I got better. Now when I run, I vary the terrain and the grade so as to always challenge myself and keep my shins healthy.

You probably have shin splints. Give the treadmill a rest, you can probably find something else that will not irritate it. Ice it, and get some new running shoes if yours are worn out.

I used to have the same problem, but it was due to the muscle on my shin (forgot it’s name) getting so pumped. It helped to use no incline and to slow down. After a matter of weeks, it stopped happening.

However, that doesn’t sound like what you are experiencing.

also, if the problem is “shin splints”

you will need to strengthen your anterior tibialis.

find a way to strap a weight or cable to the tip of your shoe and flex the foot toward the knees.

giving yourself some time to rest plus a few exercises to strengthen the a.t. will get you back in no time.