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Treadmill Accuracy


Hey everyone,
I was just wondering how accurate treadmils are for posting calories burned. For example the one I use is a Promax and is very good (good motor, construction,etc). For example, during my last endurance run which lasted about an hour or so, I ran at 7.4 miles an hour for about fifty to fifty five minutes and total mileage came to about 7.3 miles including the warmup run (ten min and cool down run(4-5min). The amount of calories it says I burned is a little over a thousand. I'm not sure if this is accurate because I've read that one mile burns about one hundred calories. Any input would be helpful..thanks


Lol. A mile most definitely burns more than 100 calories. For a more accurate count of how many calories you burned you would need to be wearing a heart rate monitor with that function. But to be honest with you the numbers look pretty accurate to me.


Read someplace once that for a treadmill to be accurate, the incline setting had to be set to 1.0. If it is not, and set lower the treadmill is actually pushing you, therefore the measurements are not actually correct.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to do some more research on it in the meantime.


You need to put in your weight in order to get accurate results. The formulas in treadmills take into account the grade to if it's 0% or 3% it will still be accurate. If you do a search you'll find information on "Effort Based" treadmill running. You'll find a chart of speeds and grades that compare outdoor running to treadmill running. For instance, a 6.0 mph treadmill pace does not equal a 10:00 min. mile outside. At a 0% grade it equals about a 10:26 min. mile pace. At 1% grade it's a 9:52, and at 2% it's a 9:24 min. mile.

What might happen between treadmills is that they might be out of calibration. I check our occasionally to check the accuracy. The display will read a certain speed and grade but the treadmill could be faster or slower.

Either way, try to stick with the same treadmill when you can.

Be well!


how much do you weigh?

this shakey ass website says at 7.5mph at 160lbs you burn 187 lbs every 20 minutes. thats 561 calories. It sounds a little bit low to me.

Disregard that calculation on the bottom, it's bullshit, theres no way all the calories you burned were fatty acids, so that calculation means nothing.


What website are you talking about?