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Trayvon Martin Trial


So it starts on June 10 but they've already begun to meet to hash out the rules for the proceedings.



I think it's bullshit that the judge barred evidence of Martin's violent past from being introduced into evidence. The guy was a fucking thug, getting into fights on a regular basis. I can't wait for Zimmerman to be found not guilty so the black community out there has another excuse to go apeshit and cry victim.


Let the shitstorm begin.




Pretty much this. He shouldn't be punished for protecting himself/self defense, and that, by all accounts is what he did.

The press and people with an agenda turned it into a PC battle zone, and basically destroyed a second life in the process.

I'd like to see him get a nice chunk of change from MSNBC as well for the editing and essentially slander that they propagated.


How is what he said not relevant?

I would have used different language to describe the situation, but I feel like Coop is on the right track in his post.


refers to the black community going "ape shit"

ape shit

black people

DB is in subtle troll mode


How does his past determine at all what happened that night? None of this would have happened had Zimmerman stayed in his car and let the cops handle it. If you go confronting people you should expect to get knocked on your ass.


If the prosecution argues that Martin was not a violent person or was not likely to have attacked Zimmerman, I think his history of fighting is entirely relevant. Since Zimmerman is going to be arguing that the shooting was in self-defense, it's entirely relevant to point out that Martin had a history of getting into fights, thereby showing that it would not have been out of the question for Martin to have attacked Zimmerman and instigated an act of self-defense on Zimmerman's part.


If you knock someone on your ass and continue to pound their head into the sidewalk, which is definitely a potential life-threatening act, expect to get shot in self-defense.




Because it establishes Martin's intent in the situation, justifies Zimmerman's response to Martian's presence and also sheds light on whether or not lethal force was is only recourse.

Okay? But given the history in the neighborhood and the Cop's inability to prevent it, maybe relying on them wasn't an option. Who's to say Zimmerman didn't stop a rape that night? Didn't you say once you would have shot the people flying the planes on 9/11 before they committed the act because you knew they were about to commit it?

How is Zimmerman doing what he thought was right, stopping a potential robbery, really any different other than scale of crime?

This is bullshit and you know it. You can't, repeat, cannot, haul off and physically attack someone because they ask you why you are in their neighborhood. Yell and scream back? Sure, but physical assault? Nope.


"Going ape shit" is a common phrase to describe people's actions. I would imagine their is no racial undertones to that statement.

It isn't a dog whistle, but why to play the PC race card...


Also, I think another part that is relevant here is Martin's criminal behavior in the past. I don't know what Martin was doing that night, but the prosecution will argue that he was simply minding his own business and not engaging in any sort of behavior that should be labeled "suspicious". Necessarily, they will argue that Zimmerman was engaging in racial profiling (here's the perpetual victim mentality) by confronting Martin.

We don't really know whether or not Martin was engaging in suspicious behavior or not. But given his past history as a violent criminal, I think the defense should be able to argue that he has a history consistent with criminality and that it is entirely possible that Martin WAS engaging in suspicious behavior of some sort. SInce Zimmerman was the neighborhood security guard or whatever, it would be entirely within his purview to approach Martin.


To add to this, irrelevant to Martin's past, Zimmerman had every right to ask a strange person walking around at night in his neighborhood, what that person was doing there.

People just out walking their dog don't respond to that question by smashing the questioner's skull against the pavement, which could very well kill the questioner.


The subtle troll mode? I use the term "ape shit" about twenty times a day. And I'm sorry, but if you don't think that at least part of the black community in that area is going to flip the fuck out if Zimmerman is found guilty, then you are completely out of touch with reality.


Which is all testimony from the survivor. We only know one side of that story.

I agree about expectations, but you should not go into any potentially violent confrontation without expectations of death or serious injury.


I'm familiar with the term and I'm also familiar with DB's posts.

He's a writer, knows his way around the English language and chooses words for certain effect.

I find it quite surprising that someone who gets paid to write for a living, would make such an obvious misstep...

He's not racist, but he's bent on trolling this thread.


Does Zimmerman's bloodied face and broken nose count as a separate testimony, or part of the testimony from the survivor?


While you should not go into any potentially violent confrontation without expectations of death or serious injury, you should also not engage in suspicious or criminal behavior without expectations of being approached by someone whose job is to prevent and/or report such behavior.

Also, the entire point of allowing Martin's criminal past is to question who exactly got into the potentially violent confrontation in the first place. If Martin attacked Zimmerman, then it was Martin who first engaged in the illegal behavior that led to his death. If Zimmerman confronted Martin due to some racial profiling instead of legitimate investigation, as is his right to do so as security guard of the gated community, then it was Zimmerman who instigated the actions in question.

Either way, I don't see how revealing Martin's past history of engaging in fights is irrelevant here, given the strategy the prosecution is going to employ.