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Travis Barker is the Man


I don't know much about drums, but this looks and sounds fucking awesome.


Hes done it before, its hard to believe such shitty songs could sound so good.

Haven't heard that new one yet though, its even better.


Don't get me wrong, I like rap... but it's even more badass when you throw in a great drummer and some guitars.

Fuckin fightin' music!


one of the most talented drummers around, too bad he is in a shitty fucking band. I wish chad sexton would do something like this.


I don't think he's so good as a drummer, but he seems to have a great eye for this stuff; whatever he adds is tasteful and really improves the original song. Judging by what he's done so far, he'd make a great producer.


I love what he did to Crank That. He turned one of the crappiest rap songs of all time into something that is far from crappy.

And we can all thank boost mobile.


I really liked what he did to these songs too. I asked my friend who's been drumming for over 5 years if what he did was hard, and he said it's not.
I want my friend to record a video of him drumming to a rap song, just to see if it's as good.


I don't know man... he's using two drum sticks a hand, and there are a lot of people that think he's the best alive right now..

Either way, if you can make a song rock, then you're doin your job


Nah, man. He's using only 1 stick per hand. the framerate of the video is slow. Pause the Low vid about 45 seconds in and you'll see him with one stick in each hand.


The guy is good at what he does, but to say he's 'the best alive right now' is pretty ridiculous. He's a good rock drummer, but there are MANYMANYMANY people who, from a strictly technical standpoint, could play circles around him. That's not a knock on Travis, he's good at what he does. But 'best alive'? Not even close. Shit, I know amateur jazz players who could charge him for lessons. Search youtube for solos by Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Jack Dejohnette...As far as srumming chops go, those guys are on another level entirely.


While I like what Travis is doing, this guy is pretty good, too. He seems to know his way with the sticks.


I hear you. Just repeating what I've heard from some folks. I couldn't tell you shit for shit with drums.


I'm been playing the skins for about 14 years. Let me put into perspective what Travis is doing in these videos...

In the drum world, the skill required to do what he is doing, is like doing 135lbs quarter squats. He is taking a track that has a basic programmed grove from a drum machine and playing over the top of it. A novice could improve the sound and dynamics of a drum machine beat by playing live acoustic drums over the top.


Yeah, SinisterMinister pretty much hit the nail on the head - Travis is good at what he does, and he's able to tastefully add to the songs he modifies, but he's by no means a great drummer. Making good music doesn't necessarily require sophisticated technique.

Chambers, Weckl, and DeJohnette are all up there in terms of talent and technique. I'd also like to add JoJo Mayer to the list:


Wow. That's nuts. Thanks for the link.


JoJo rips. The guy's in such high demand, EVERYBODY wants him to join their projects. Cool vid, the slow-mo is great, his tempo ios SOOOO tight! He reminds me of Scott Henderson, they look similar and they're both brilliant.


Marco Minneman.


seconded. both solo and with necrophagist marco is coming up with some of the best drumming around today.


Awesome drummer? yes. Awesome mixes? yes.

best drummer alive? no

Neil Peart.


Oh and the soljah boy one is better but both vids are sickasfuck