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Travelling with Test

So in the very near future I’m going to America (and Canada hehehehehehe) and I’m bringing along some test (prescribed)

The problem lies within this

So I have primoteston, right, it’s packaged in a neat little box, inside the box is two sealed containers containing primoteston and a 19 gauge syringe. So I packed two primoteston syringes and 1 amp of sustanon (all prescribed with my name on the cover of both boxes)…

BUT, I removed the primoteston out of the sealed packaging to remove the 19 gauge needles they came with, is there a chance I could get caught out for this as the medication isn’t in it’s original packaging… and say one of the syringes had been tampered with and contained something other than testosterone enanthate, how likely are the pre-filled syringes to be taken out and tested individually?

I’m a bit paranoid, probably overthinking this, just wondering whether the medication not being in it’s original sealed packaging is cause for alert, it’s still in the box with a prescription under my name, the reason I removed the syringes out of the packaging was to remove the 19 gauge needles they came with, I don’t wish to carry all my meds with my needles and syringes as I imagine customs wouldn’t be too happy about me carrying a bunch of needles in my carry on luggage.

I know quite a few people who have brought pot, painkillers and weapons (knives of illegal status) back from overseas, which to me sounds like a stupid thing to do as it puts the individual under a high level of risk. However I get the feeling anabolic steroids has acquired more of a stigma and I don’t wish to cop a large fine.

Is it likely that my medication will be searched or tested? My other meds (prescribed) are also all in their boxes with a prescription (with my name) taped to the front of the box. I don’t like people going through my medications, firstly it makes me uneasy, secondly I get funny looks because I “shouldn’t be on testosterone due to my age”, makes me embarrassed.

See the info on the Aussie customs site specifies " 1. Ensure the medication remains in its original packaging with the dispensing label intact. This will assist with identifying each substance at the border."

But the primoteston theoretically isn’t in it’s original packaging, it’s in the original box and still in the same syringe, but it’s out of the sealed packets they come inside the box with, do you think this’ll be any reason for trouble? Am I required to declare all my meds before going?

If you have a letter from your Dr saying what you are taking, the amount, and the reason for the prescription, you should be fine, especially if the original box has your name printed on it.

don’t have a doctors letter, do have the prescription though which indicates who the medicine is for and the amount of which is supposed to be taken (this is on the box of medication). The medicine is in the original box, just not the packaging that it comes with inside the original box (original packaging had needles and I’m weary about bringing needles onto a flight due to potential complications with customs)

Primoteston has a box, inside the box are three little sealed off compartments which contain the primoteston in a pre filled syringe and a massive (19 gauge), 1.5 inch long needle.

I took out the compartments, opened them, removed the needles and put the pre filled syringes back in the box. I can get needles in America or put them in my carry on luggage… which unfortunately I didn’t think of doing earlier. One of the syringes is filled with primoteston (testosterone enanthate) and another with a different substance, both look identical.

Reason for prescription isn’t on the prescription, however hypogonadism should come to mind

the amp of sustanon I’m bringing is sealed in a box, however the box doesn’t have needles inside. (supposed to take .5ml e6d, script says e8d but that was changed a while ago) can’t exactly do that with a sustanon ampule unless I backfill two syringes, in which the contents of sustanon can eat away at the rubber stopper at the back of the syringe, thus potentially creating safety concerns. Unfortunately with sus the best option is to use half, then dump the other half out

I’ve taken Primoteston Depot syringes into the USA and the UK, and never had any problems. No one has ever stopped me and checked my luggage for drugs, but I carried a copy of the prescription in case of problems. In general, travellers are allowed to carry medicines with them.

The exception is that carrying steroids into Australia is frowned upon. You used to need a letter of permission off a government body to bring in a medicine that’s prescribed by an Australian doctor and dispensed by an Australian pharmacy back into the country. I’d suggest making sure you finish everything off when overseas.

I can’t foresee Border Security testing your syringes to make sure that they contain testosterone and not tren, deca, equipoise, or whatever.

The other alternative would be to stretch out a dose for up to a fortnight (if it’s a short trip), so you can travel without carrying anything. That’s what I did on my last visit to the US, as it saves the hassle of dealing with disposing of needles and the like.

The only issue I could see is the syringes being pre-filled. USA is tight as shit but if you get out of Australia with it there’s a good chance USA won’t make a big deal about it coming in.

Other then that it’s your prescription they can’t stop you and I highly doubt they will test it upon your arrival. Once again it really comes down to how Australia is with their security.

yeah I might do this unless I can figure something out, shoot sub q (potentially prolong the HL, one paper on the pharmacokinetics of test E IM vs sub q shows IM HL is about 4-5 days, sub q HL is 9-10 days. Drostanolone is not susceptible to aromatase, thus the only real problem is immense injection site irritation (as it’s not formulated to be shot sub Q)

Still gotta bring sustanon though, needles and syringes though, which unnerves me.

the pre filled syringes aren’t pre filled by me, they come like that, that’s how the product is sold.

So this Tuesday I shoot
100mg test 200mg mast

On the day before I leave I’ll probably shoot another 150mg mast, I’ll still miss a dose and a quarter while I’m away, but it beats the possibility of getting arrested. I don’t feel comfortable pinning higher doses (weekly mg of hormones), wish to certainly stay under 500mg

They don’t know the difference if it’s in the box with a label. They have almost certainly never bought it and don’t know that there’s supposed to be a bag. For future reference, you could buy insulin syringes in the US at a pharmacy without a bunch of questions. Eliminates the need to open the packaging. They also aren’t going to test anything, they seize it or they don’t, and having a label I doubt they look twice.

Gotcha then your fine. If anything just call the airport your leaving from and ask them about policy etc.

Just come visit me here and I’ll loan you a shot or two.

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You will be fine. Customs agents arnt qulaified to uncap a needle to test its contents then return tje rest to you. What happens when you get some flesh eating bacteria after injecting because they messed with the needle. Big bag of cash. Its not worth it liability wise. Once You are in the u.s. you are getting off the plane not onto one so they arnt going to be as concerned about that syringe containing acid or flamable liquids so it just boils down to illegal drugs and if its a personal use amount and you have a script for it they are probably instructed to just let it pass.

So far I have experience traveling with steroids only within European Union counties and that’s fine. I had my vials of test, tren and drostanolone (masteron) with actual labels on them, all in plastic bag, also with needless and I didn’t care what’s going to happen. I relied on that each vital is far from 100ml, so it will be fine. And it was. Nobody asked anything, it just went through the scanner without suspicion. Naturally I had no prescription for anything.

You should also carry your prescribing Dr’s ph # . I have heard of rare occasions where law enforcement has checked with the Dr. I imagine this would be very rare, but if you have all the stuff to convince the authorities, they won’t seize your stuff.

Yea I have the doctors number

Seizure is fine (but annoying) so long as it isn’t accompanied by prosecution form law enforcement or a massive fine I can’t afford. I’ll be in Canada briefly, AAS is legal to purchase for personal consumption there so worst case scenario I can always acquire some there.

Have you thought about shipping your meds thru the mail ahead of time?

You could always stick em up your keaster.

Not sure how that would work with syringes might wanna make sure they are secure first.

Might not get through customs if mailed, think I’ll just check it in my checked luggage with a doctor’s note or something

Full body airport scanners can detect this lol would also present a serious risk regarding sterility unless one was to… Put it in a condom, tie the condom up and shove it up there (joking of course, but I reckon that’s probably how a lot of people might try smuggle illicit narcotics, however if the condom breaks the person is in for serious, SERIOUS trouble.

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Ummm, no it isn’t. Pot is, not AAS. You can’t even buy DHEA there.

AAS is legal for personal consumption, it isn’t OTC but it’s legal to possess for personal use. SCH IV drugs in CA generally carry no criminal penalty if they’re found in amounts deemed “for personal use”.



jk I know it’s was legal over there, found out a couple months ago and said something like “wow, that’s fairly progressive… why don’t other countries follow suit as to reduce the rate of police expenditure on victimless crimes, lower arrest rates within groups of minority status (here in Aus indigenous people are disproportionally arrested for cannabis) and allow taxation to go to the govt?”

Operation: Caloric intake – 300,000 calories per day initiated…

So a couple of Malva puddings? :smiley:

yes, I shall bake numerous Malva Puddings. But to be blunt I’m not sure if I’ll have the equipment to do so in Canada. Acquiring the ingredients will probably be a joint effort between me and my bud…dy (I actually am going there with a friend).

Unfortunately the ingredients for Malva pudding aren’t cheap, I’ll have to check my change pockets, will look through all the dime’s and quarters I’ve stocked up for the purpose of paying for parking.

While attempting to cook the Malva pudding, I’m sure I’ll spark up a conversation about sinking into the floor, at which point I’ll remember I’m actually still at the grocery store slapping a packet of chips as I’ve forgotten how hands work.