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Travelling with steriods


Flying to California and was wondering if it is safe to fly with injectibles in your suitcase? Will the aluminum cap on the vial cause a red flag with the cargo x-ray devices? Anyone done this recently?

If it is not safe should I mail it to myself UPS or should I put the Winstrol-V in some kind of small plastic container.

Also, I am flying back for a week in the middle of my cycle. Can I just fill a couple of syringes and leave them for 3 weeks or will the winny get contaminated?


Don't put any gear in the carry on, as they are prone to random and more carefull searches. Put it in the checked baggage. Don't put everything together in one big lump in the suitcase. The metal will not show up at all, and is not the issue. the content of the vials will show up as liquid. put everything together with a nail clipper, a razor and some toothpaste. it will look like a toiletry kit. put your shaving cream in your carry on because you don't want to have it near your gear, as it will draw attention. don't put anything like a radio, electric toothbrush, knife, wires, headphones. preloaded pins sound like a bad idea. if your pins come with the needles NOT attached, keep them that way, and seperate. if they come assembled put them with the vials. I assume you are traveling from within US... you should really be fine... don't put a lock on the checked baggage. i think it not allowed everywhere. avoid wires, electronics and anything else 'soft' like clay, play-do or soft plastics.


this has been covered at length. bottom line for me. i never travel with any gear or hardware, period. that is bad waiting for a place to happen. simply mail it ahead.


why risk it dude?


If it's just Winny you're taking with you, then just keep it WITH you on the plane. Don't put it in your carry-on, but keep it inside your coat pocket, for example.

Don't preload Winny. Yes, you are looking for contamination, and you have a good chance at letting the Winny dry out, or atleast clog the syringe.


Won't the bottle of Winny go off in the metal detector if I walk on with it? Aren't the caps metallic?

I searched this site and couldn't find very extensive or proven info on this topic. Why would you travel with needles if you can buy them at any pharmacy?

If I put it in my shaving case won't it look like a bottle of aftershave? I was thinking of packing it with toothpaste, toothbrush, razer, colgne, shampoo. So no electronics in the same bag so it doesn't look like I'm trying to make a bomb, no electric shaver even?
It's only one bottle of Winny.

What about boiling/sterilizing one of those small plastic shampoo bottles like you get at a hotel. Would that keep the Winny ok (@15cc)for a 4 week cycle or not too safe?


Sterilizing small cosmetics containers and putting gear in them is perfectly fine in my book. Not near as good as just mailing it, but it will work.

Keep in mind that you do risk contamination every time you take the lid off - but then you risk the same thing snapping the top off an amp.


absolutely do not carry it on you. and as far as your checked bags go. a needle is a needle. it will show on an x-ray. no matter what you package it with. needles dont blend with shaving kits. if anything i would say i bee sting kit or something. and no you cant just buy syringes anywhere. most will require a script. this is why we all buy online. either structure your cycle around the trip or mail the shit. stop trying to beat the system because the price just isnt worth it if your caught.


A needle alone will not show up on an xray. A preloaded syringe will sorta. Anything in pockets is a bad idea. Especially coat pockets, because the rule is coats go through xray, and anything in the pockets will stand out again the fabric. A checked bag will be cluttered with zippers, handles, wheels, and is a better bet. I would stuff it down your underwear. No metal detection device or xray machine will pick up the metal. You have metal in your zippers, buttons, and especially shoes. wear sneakers and no metal, and you won't set off the detector.


wear steel toe boots and keep your gear in your undies. no jacket. nothing in your pockets, just keys and a belt. when u go thru and uit beeps take the keys out and show your belt buckle. next time it beeps say "oh i have steel toes on". they have never made me take my shoes off. and if they do and they make u go thru again, say u have a steel plate in you head from nam.


Just for the record, they can make you take your shoes off now. They did it to a few people I know. So stop fucking around with this shit. Mail it or put it in your checked baggage if you are really hell bent on carrying it. I don't give a shit what xray can see or can't see. It is what the people see if they decide to open your bag. I know all this is very unlikely and yada this and yada that but stop fucking around here. I guess none of you all had to dish out 4500.00 to get out of a fucking jail cell. GETTING THE PICTURE! People don't plan on getting busted, it will just happen one day if you are one unlucky bastard. Just remember that as you are trying to walk through that metal detector with your one bottle of Winny.


I've had my shoes removed and searched several times, I've seen my buddies bag get searched thoroughly. I've also had unmarked pills go right through with no question while searching my bag. It's all just luck. Anyone that trusts to luck over the good old USPS is asking for it.

All that, and I don't even look like a terrorist.


I'm speaking from first-hand experience... just carry the shit on the plane with you inside your jacket. It's a small metal crimped cap, not a fucking 12" blade for fuck sake. Yes, the detector will go off, and it will go off for the bottons on your shirt, the zipper on your jacket, the buckle on your belt, etc. Airports DO realize these SMALL TINY metallic objects have no big concerns, just like your SMALL TINY cap on your Winny won't be a huge concern either. Trust me, as long as you don't sweat bullets and look suspicious as hell (like you're packing a fucking sawed-off shotgun), then they won't ask too many questions, or rip you apart, literally. Just keep your cool!!

Syringes here in Canada can be bought by the hundreds. Walk into a pharmacy, ANY old pharmacy, ask for the size, and they'll give it to you. No questions asked!! I have never ordered a single pin from the internet. There is no needle-exchange program here like there is in the States. It's none of their fucking business what I'm using it for anyway. And if they are reluctant, then I become a prick and tell them that I'll just have to share my needles with my friends. TRUST ME, they'll be more than happy to sell it to you then. Good luck.


For christ sakes people! This is a class 3 controlled substance. Why on earth would you ever do anything like take it on an airplane. Especially now with all the high security going on. I don't know why your planning on doing this but just end your cycle or at worst get some winny tabs and throw them into an prescription med bottle with your name on it, or something. YOU ARE AT RISK OF A FELONY ARREST. Not to mention that it could be compounded with other offenses like TRANSPORTING etc etc. Get the drift?
Even in your coat pocket whattya gonna do if the security decides you look suspicious or as a result arbitrarily decides to search you. Maybe that bump in the pocket looks a little too much like a box cutter.. Or some drunk guys bumps into you and it falls out or whatever.
They can do just about anything they deem necessary to keep the airports and flights secure nowadays. So don't count on your personal cival rights to get in the way of them finding what would be a class 3 controlled substance. It would be the same as taking heroin on an airplane... JUST PLAIN STUPID.


what if they find it and figure your carrying liquid risen? and deport you to Guamtanamo Bay? By the way I agree with the smart ones MAIL IT or BUS IT!

but if you must, remove the crimped top and use electritions tape to hold the rubber stopper on.


mdog is a da. ive had to take my shoes off twice and i only flew twice. basically the airport security is able to violate your civil rights ever since 9-11.


Don't think I want to put the stuff down my pants and carry it on. I was going to either pack it in my suitcase or mail it.

Think I will go with the UPS route, I will probably put the Winny in a pair of shoes (for extra protection) and throw in a bunch of needles.

What do you guys think of this? I want to start taking it Mon/Wed/Fri starting Feb.16, so the Friday before(Feb.13) I am going to fill a needle up with 1cc and save it for Monday - mail the bottle out to California so it will be there when I arrive Tuesday. The needle should be fine sitting for 3 days as long as I change the tip?


Dude, I am sorry but you just really don't seem like your the sharpest knife in the cabinet.
You go ahead and do whatever it is you want.


Dude, I said I am going to mail it. Isn't that what you said to do? Your the one that is so against transporting by plane.