Travelling With Gear

I am going to UK from India. Is it safe to pack orals like Anavar and Winstrol tabs in checkin bag.
I travel with gear domestically with no issues but in checkin bag…thanks in advance

Normally I say don’t bring illegal drugs on a plane. But in the case of orals as long as it’s not a few hundred just mix them in with some otc pills and have a safe flight

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Yea I am thinking to put them in a Milk Thistle bottle or some Himalaya aayurvedic Liv 52 tabs bottle.
I don’t want to travel with liquid though. Just 200 tabs of Anavar and Winstrol each.

You should be fine. Nobody is going to be using a Lab Max to test if your milk thistle is actually anavar.

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Ya OK so im not gonna be able to agree with this being a good idea. That’s 400 tabs of illegal drugs you want to bring thru customs. I thought you were talking more along the lines of 60 or so.

Im not saying your gonna get caught I’m just saying my comment wasn’t geared towards your amount