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travelling with gear in canada

Hey everybody,

I know this has been covered somewhat already here, but not pertaining to canada specifically. I’m going to be travelling within canada on friday and i was wondering what everybody thought about packing insulin syringes preloaded with tren. There would be 9 of them. The fine little needles i can’t imagine would set off a metal detector if i were to carry them on my person, but i’m thinking more about just tossing them in my shaving kit. Security is not anywhere near as tight in canada, they don’t x-ray baggage, the just randomly pull you aside and search it(and not extremely thoroughly because i’ve been searched before), but these people dont know that steroids look different from insulin, i doubt any of them even know what insulin looks like.

Guess it would be my luck though that the one time i try to move something i might get in trouble for that i get searched and get the one prick inspector who knows exactly what i’m up to.

I guess the other option is mailing, but i’d like to avoid that if possible. And does anybody think the pressure change at altitude would be sufficient to unload the syringes?

I guess the other option would be to carry them on me in my pants with the pins right behind my belt buckle.

Anybody have any thoughts or is this just a dumb idea?

actually since i wrote that i came up with an idea that i feel good enough about that i’m going to try it. Probably not the smartest to detail it on here, but i’m impressed with myself…

Okay, carrying needles onto airplanes (in your carryon or your checked baggage) is a great way to get your ass in deep shit.

Steroids aren’t illegal in Canada, the only thing illegal is trafficking. The worst you would have to worry about if you carry gear on you up here is it being confiscated by someone who knows you won’t bitch. You cannot be charged with anything for carrying steroids in personal use amounts in Canada.

Personally I would either just carry the damn stuff and buy syringes when I got where I was going or mail it.


Well if I were a diabetic I would probably carry my insulin in a multi-dose vial. If I emptied a vial, I might reuse it, fill it back up with ‘insulin’…