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Travelling: Use Bands?

Hey, guys. I’m going to be travelling for 4-6 weeks this summer. To maintain my strength, aside from exercises like one-legged squats, one-armed push-ups and door pull-ups, I’m contemplating the use of bands.

So, what I’m thinking is things like:

  1. Band squat - draw the band over the back of my neck, while standing on its opposite side.
  2. Band deadlift - stand on the band, hold the opposite side in my hands, and perform a deadlift motion.
  3. Band push-ups

etc etc…

Would this work? If anyone has tried this, what length bands am I looking to get here?

I suppose it can work if you have no other options. I do good mornings with just a band (no barbell) quite frequently and love them.

gotta be better than nothing.

bunch of band exercises here


You might want to consider buying a pair of Blast Straps, they would add a lot of variety for your upper body. http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=295&pid=916

Thanks; the thing is, I might not find a place to attach these straps to, so not sure if they’d be useful :frowning:

Bands, bodyweight exercises, sprints and other bodyweight conditioning exercises should be fine. You may be able to maintain most of your strength during that time frame while increasing your conditioning.

Check out some of Ross Enamait’s stuff at www.rosstraining.com

I would highly recommend picking up his Never Gymless book. Take it with you, and you’ll be set.