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Travelling to Mexico with TRT

Hey Guys,

I’m going on vacation to Mexico from Canada.

I’m not taking my HCG with me, but I wanted to take my test and AI.

I can’t seem to get any info from border patrol.

Is there any problem with me taking a few needles and a my test vial, I have my prescriptions on the bottle and a second set with me.

Shouldn’t be any problem at all. No one will even look at a couple of pills either way. If it’s labelled you’re fine. If you’re worried, it’s all OTC in Mexico anyway.

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Uh, pretty sure you can buy what you need in Mexico - needles, test, dbol, tren, pretty much whatever.

Bring empty vials with your script on them down so you can refill them otc downthere maybe leave just enough in each so it looks like you are just finishing up whats left in them and empty them for your doses down there then fill them to the brim. You probably.could just bring back whatever you wanted but i would be worried and probably do this or mail some back. I know this is kinda off topic. Just a thought. However i wouldn’t go down empty handed counting on getting some down there cause you know how that will probably.play out. Not only will you not find any down there but you will arrive home all twisted up and end up dropping the vial while drawing your overdue shot.

Not trying to be an ass, even though that is how this post will appear.

I travel the world, in and out of customs and immigration in multiple countries. This was the #2 reason why I was so unwilling to consider injections and went to pellets.

Yes, I know … off-topic to the original post. But your worries are completely understandable.

Luckily i don’t have to worry about that I have no intentions of ever going to any foreign countries out of the U.S especially not into Mexico. I would have to be on the run and out of options to go down there. The only border i think i would ever cross willingly would be Canada. I have my own personal views about how i think calling living in the U.S. living free a joke but at least I dont have to spend too much time worrying about being decapitated as a warning to other tourists or the cops extorting or setting me up for being an American. All set… I’ll keep my needles and no passport


I’m from the US and travel to Mexico and the Caribbean about twice a year for vacations and never have an issue. I always have my syringes and test in a insulin pack with the rx attached to the box. Other than going through the X-ray they never even stop and check my bag. Same with my anastrozole.

I’m living in Nicaragua. I flew to Canada with Clomid and anastrozole in the bag, no issues.They do not look at small quantities of pills.

I travel all over the world for work and have never been questioned about it. I have throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, and Australia which all have strict policies on medications. Some countries like NZ just want you to declare them and you’ll be fine. Just make sure your prescription info is on the bottle or keep it in the box it came in with the prescription label.