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Travelling to Boston


Hi all, myself and seven friends will be in Boston on a work visa for the summer. I have a question regarding accomodation. We have a friend living there now who has offered to rent us her apartment for the summer. It's in Brighton, is this an ok area? We are all 21 so there will be a good bit of late night coming and going is it safe at night? Is there easy access to the city. She said its about 5 miles out of the city.

The apartment has 4 bedrooms and they are paying $2200 a month, this includes heating and hot water. Electricity, gas, internet and cable are extra. Do these prices seem ok? If anyone could recommend a good letting agent so I could check out other properties I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your help guys, unfortunately my knowledge of rental properties in Boston is somewhat limited.


You'll enjoy Brighton.

You shouldn't get shot at.

Price, I think that is good, but I don't really know anymore. I haven't rented in awhile.


Yea man .. what beansy said .. Brighton's not bad at all .. you'll enjoy it I'm sure, Boston's a good town


Yeah, he is Irish. The white bitches will be throwing their vaginas at him. It will be like candy they toss from the parades when you were a kid.

All he has to do is lay the accent on thick and Boston chicks will be wet before he finishes hello.


Cheers guys, unfortunately my girlfriend is with me so unless she is down for a threesome my Irish brogue will go to waste.


That price sounds reasonable. Hit up The Green Briar, it's where all the Irish dudes in Brighton go.


Will do man. Nothing sillier than the Irish, as soon as we reach a foreign country rather than check out the local culture we immediately head for the nearest Irish pub. Ironic no?