Travelling P+C foods

Next week I’m going out of town for 8 days. This will be my 7th week of the 8 week Mag10 cycle. So being on the road, I am looking for some good suggestions for quick and easy P+C meals. The plan right now (subject to change) will have me eating Met-Rx 100 gram bars, Classic Grow w/oatmeal for breakfast, some jerky, fresh fruits, Surge for training days, etc…
We will be eating out quite a bit too so that is when the steak/fish and veggies will come into play.
Any suggestions for the quick and easy meals ??? Thanks !!!

I use a Thunderstick and blend Cottage cheese & chocolate GROW!. Then stir in raw oatmeal, half a banana, cinnamon… whatever else you like. Looks like puke, tastes like heaven.

For traveling food, I really like those no-drain pouches of tuna; great on the go. Also, you can buy canned chicken breast with a pop-top type lid, which is also very good.

As far as protable carbs, I tend to stick to fruits, yogurt, and oatmeal. Not very creative, but I tend to stick to the basics with carbs. However, plain yogurt with some Grow! and dry oatmeal mixed in it is great. I aslo occasionally add Fiber 1 cereal for a bit of a change. Very good stuff.

I can't remember who posted it offhand, but a little while back, someone recommended using an empty Surge container to store protein powder for travel. I don't know if you already do that, but it saves a lot of space and I just thought I'd mention it.

Hope thid helps.