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Travelling O'Seas

I am traveling from Australia to Singapore, Rome and Paris airports on a honeymoon. I am taking with me 6 week supply of Biotest products for personal use ie:HOT-ROX,Carbolin 19 are these supplements OK in these areas
I am asking because I can’t email in the language of those areas to the relevant authorities
I am leaving in 5 days
Please help

If it were me I wouldnt even bother taking them. It is just not worth the potential hassle.

Are you going to be that committed to your training and diet on your honeymoon that you will see any noticable effects from the supps. I am not saying that to try and justify slacking off for the entirety of you holiday, but I am guessing that the majority of your ‘training’ is going to be on hotel beds and I bet your diet will go to shit as well. There is nothing wrong with that either. It is your honeymoon for fucks sake.

Keep up with your training and diet as much as possible, but forget about the supps and just enjoy the honeymoon and your partner.

just my $0.02

What I said before, but even more emphasised since you are travelling to singapore.

Being an Aussie you should know all the fun that Aussies seem to have in Singapore lately. Yeh, all the others had illegal drugs, but it is still definately not worth the potential risk even with HOT-ROX or Carbolin 19.

Leave it home and enjoy your honeymoon.

My guess is you would be hassled for trying to bring the stuff in.

They don’t know what it is so they will assume the worst.


I’ve been ordering Biotest’s stuff for quite a while now and haven’t encountered any difficulties at all. I am a local, FYI.

I can’t confirm that my packages have been checked by customs but going by my monthly orders, none has experienced any delays getting to me. Hope this help!