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Travelling and Training

I am leaving for tour with my band for 5 weeks and I am curious what kind of plan I could put together to keep me training while on the road. I’ve read most of the articles on bodyweight movements but considering I have to play the drums every night for an hour at least (also not being able to eat any where close to healthy, sleeping at most 4 hours a night and being stuck in a van for minimum 6 hours a drive) I am worried about over stressing my system.

this is what I have available to me: push up bars, ironmind cables, c.o.c grippers an ab wheel and a 14" leverage bar for wrist training. Any ideas for training or eating properly (on a budget)? I tend to over complicate things for myself so that’s why I am trying to get some different ideas on this. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feed back (literally)

Sounds to me the most work you will need is your lower body 1 leg squats etc. the upper body will be getting a LOT of attention playing the drums Id just do HEAVY low rep with it if possible. hand stand chins etc.

Diet. well eat good food veggies and tuna are dirt cheap. Just aim to eat what you know you should.

Above all have a blast man and great tour. Good luck, relax a bit.

thanks man I really appreciate it. are you the same dude who got insanely ripped a little while back? if so i have some questions for you!