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I'm leaving on sunday for a long ass flight. (11-14 hours) I'm wondering what the hell i'm going to do as far as nutrition. They barely feed you on those damn flights. I bought a bunch of protein bars. what else is good for traveling?



A 1 kg bag of walnuts will give you about 7600 calories. 150g protein, 650g fats and 137 g carbs.


Many major airports have decent takeout places with good stuff for carrying on. If you're able to sleep during the middle and you eat the protein bars along with the meals at the begining and end then you should be ok. Skip the toblerone service in the middle and if you do eat it, don't do so with irish coffee.

Please don't be an ass though and bring on something super fragrent. Be it tuna, wierd chinese food, or durian fruit, you won't make too many friends.


ooo.. traveling food is my specialty. Sometimes I feel like I live out of bags. :slightly_smiling:

When I'm going on a long trip, I usually pack things like:

  • Walnuts (any nut will do, but I have personal bias towards these because of their Omega properties)
  • Jar of Skippy Natural (PButter)
  • A chicken breast wrapped in a low carb tortilla (eat this first) :slightly_smiling:
  • protein bars (usually homemade... be creative... its fun!)
  • plastic baggies with 2 scoops protein powder
  • lowfat cheese
  • beef jerky

--- Don't forget -- Chick-Fil-A or any chicken joint will serve as a great quick meal... a couple of chicken patties, no bun, some mayo or mustard, and bam! Instant meal. :slightly_smiling:

Hope this helps! Have a great trip!


That is a SHORT flight.

Some kind of mint (helps freshen you up).
Bring a lot of your own water, easy to dehydrate on a plane.

Otherwise you are going to have enough stuff with what you listed.

Note there are food restrictions for some countries you may be flying in to.


If I had a dollar for every 14 hour flight I've taken that smelled like durian fruit.
Of course my GF is half-Chinese and insists on bringing Chinese food everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:


cool thanks a lot guys. that was helpful, especialy norskgoddess :wink:

short flight? i think it's pretty long considering there is another 5 hours waiting for a connection flight. so that would make it 19 hours. but im not worried about the waiting in the airport. they have food at airports.

i bought protein bars and peanut butter. i'm not going to bring anything that would smell weird. that's just annoying.

you know what else is really annoying? babies. I hate babies. If i could I would eat them. I hear they're a good source of protein.


I go with water, jerky, nuts, raisins, and a couple apples when I travel. Toothpicks and mint are also a good idea.