Traveling with Supplements

First time posting here, so I wasn’t sure where to put this? I’m sure you guys have faced the same problem.

   My question has to do with bringing supplements on an airplane.  I'm going to Toronto for the weekend and I want to bring along creatine, and protein.  Protein won't be an issue because I have a few MRP's left so I'll just bring those.  The issue is the creatine, I don't want to bring the whole tub, but I don't think it would be such a good idea to bring a zip-lock bag full of white powder with me to the airport lol.  

I’m only going to be gone for like three days so should I just not bother with the creatine and start back on it when I get home, or should I bring the whole tub?

 Any feedback/advice would be great!  Thanks in advance!


LOL…I’m glad you were smart enough to not want to bring a ziplock bag of white powder with you hahaha.

If you have room just take the tub. Honestly creatine doesn’t make that much of a difference so if you end up just stopping until you return, no worries.

Thanks for the reply bro

As long as you pack the supps in your checked bags I doubt you’ll have a problem either way,

Going through security with powders in my carry on hasn’t ever been a problem for me. Just remember no liquids in the carry on.

But like hk said, if you are checking the bag with the supps, then it doesn’t matter at all.

I’ve gone through security with whey, creatine, L-glutamine, BCAA pills, HRX and Animal pak; no problems.

They checked my bag and used the swab; but nothing that wrecked my life.

Check it if you don’t want the hassle or will be running late and you’ll be fine.

Never had a problem carrying supps on an airplane. Never even been questioned about it.

I had a baggie full of white-ish powder (Surge) in my carry on last weekend. I got stopped coming and going - for my baby powder (they thought it was a liquid) and my weight belt (thought it could be a weapon).

Just put servings in baggies, put the baggies in a shaker bottle, and don’t worry about it.

Thanks again guys!

Carry the creatine in an envelope.

I travel frequently for work and pack protein powder in a shaker cup as well as a host of other supplements…

No worries.

stick it in condoms then swallow them. Works every time!

[quote]Cockney Blue wrote:
stick it in condoms then swallow them. Works every time![/quote]

Says the guy from Mexico!

[quote]pzehtoeur wrote:
Carry the creatine in an envelope.[/quote]


They asked me to leave everything behind or have it confiscated. Thats coming to the Estados Unidos from Mexico. I mean I was being a good boy and not bringing back the real goodies but the fat bitch wasn’t having it. It was just my dailys in my tackle box.

[quote]pzehtoeur wrote:
Carry the creatine in an envelope.[/quote]

I almost had my shake come out of my nose when I read this! LOL