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Traveling with Prohormones?

Prohormone posession is illegal. However, has anyone had any experience taking prohormones with them on a domestic flight? If so, did you disguise the bottles or what?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I plan to fly soon to Cali and be there for an extended period of time.

Maybe you could throw them into a bottle of fish oil capsules or something?

The alternate would be to plan some down time during your trip, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

I’ve actually flown with them sitting in my carry-on or checked baggage for 9 trips in the past 3 months, three from hawaii to california and the rest interisland. I just left them in the bottles and had my bags searched a few times, but they were never an issue. I don’t think the security people actually know what they are. I’m not recommending you do the same[leave them in original containers while travelling,] but I’ve never had a problem yet.

The security screeners searching you at the airport aren’t there to look for drugs, they’re there to look for weapons. They don’t examine pills too closely and they almost certainly wouldn’t know the difference between a legal sports supplement and an illegal one, especially if the now illegal one was in comercial packaging. Don’t act like you’re trying to hide or smuggle something and you should be just fine.

Centrum Bottle…

Interesting story related to what you are talking about. I was flying to visit some family from school, so I flew out of Reagen National in DC. I had a tub of protein as well as some creatine in my carry-on and was randomly searched. They tested the bag for possible hazardous material and the protein and creatine actually set off an alarm because of either nitrogen or magnesium in the supplement. Basically they made a whole big deal for nothing, but I guess it goes to show the weird things that can happen. Good luck.

I wouldn’t know about Prohormones on domestic flights, but I’ve had some fun with the security folks several times with micronized Creatine, especially on international flights… :slight_smile: Some will actually taste the stuff to make sure it’s not something, well, very illegal. :slight_smile: Many moons ago when I started taking Creatine I actually responded to their slightly disgusted and puzzled faces after they try it with an explanation of what it is, but generally they didn’t really understand, so now I just laugh at them and they let me go in embarassement. :slight_smile:

The most paranoid – but funniest – ones are, of course, the ones at Amsterdam (Schiphol) airport… :slight_smile: I’ve actually had my wife take pictures of their faces after trying Creatine… :slight_smile: