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Traveling with PEDs

Seeing everyone flying off to worlds strongest man over the past few days it got me wondering how easy it is to get gear through airports and is it even illegal? I’m wondering what people’s experience is with this? I know they’re class c controlled so not illegal to own but is this the same with crossing boarders

They are illegal without a script in the US. Some guys take a chance (Pudzianowski got detained and bailed every time he flew to the US, they put you on a list after the first time so it’s stupid to continue bringing your kit every trip). Most will simply load up ahead of time when going somewhere like the US. Other places have no laws on them so it’s no issue. Depends on the country.

I would imagine the bigger names have sources, or people willing to get them stuff at their location as well.

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I would bet not. If you have trusted friends, maybe. Nobody commits a felony lightly. Most guys in Strongman tend to be friends on some level, but most of them are a closed book on what they use and where they get it. I doubt that they are more open in other disciplines. There is a very high level of trust required. I competed for years before anyone would discuss any of it in front of me, as in admit to past use. Very, very few would discuss current anything.

Can you not acquire more within whichever country you’re going to.