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Traveling with No Gym Every Second Week

Hi All. I would like to start with 5/3/1 but the problem is my job. I’m on business trip every second week without access to gym (I mean serious gym not devastated fitness gear in hotel). Is there possibility to implement 5/3/1 into my life? Should I make the training like it it described in the web site every second week and during weeks when I’m out try to make callisthenics training in hotel?
Thx in advance for your help and best regards to whole community.

Where are you traveling to? Most places have a golds or LA fitness. You buy one membership and get access to gyms everywhere.

Just throwing this out there, but you could try a sort of 2x2x2 approach, but as a TWO week program, so 4x4x4.

Basically, over the span of two weeks, get in 4 lifting sessions with weights (2 upper, 2 lower), 4 hard conditioning+bodyweight sessions, and 4 big mobility sessions (yoga, etc)

I live in Poland and travel over half of Europe so it won’t solve the problem :slight_smile:

Thx for reply. To understand it correctly (I’m not native speaker so I can miss some important details), the training should look like this:

Office week with gym:
Mon: lift session lower body
Tue: lift session upper body
Wed: pause
Thur: lift session lower body
Fri: lift session upper body

Travel week no gym:
the same schedule like above but with TRX, body weight and conditioning (tabata, jogging etc).

Mobility session wherever I can put them into this two weeks or combine them with other trainings?

Unfortunate circumstances here.

If you want to stick with 5/3/1 I guess something like was suggested could work but obviously be far from optimal. Can only work with what you have tho. If you want to go with this make sure the work you do in the travel week is intense. If it’s easy enough to be active recovery that means you could/should potentially have gone harder in your office week and if its not hard enough it’s not even recovery and will just add fatigue and detrain you.

Protip: Bring a door pull up bar with you. Throw a back pack on and you’ll get a great lift in.

If you weren’t restricting yourself to 5/3/1 you could try something fun like functionally overreaching in the office weak then deloading travel week and make use of supercompensation the next week. Sounds fun but hard.

Good luck

Yessir, you got it!