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Traveling with Meds


I fly often, and while I keep my meds in my carryon with me, I often travel with way more meds than I need. i.e. a month of HCG and test. when I only need two doses.

I worry about ruining an entire bottle of HCG if travel gets delayed and I’m stuck overnight somewhere - my freezer packs only last so long.

So I was thinking about extracting a few doses of HCG from a vial and injecting it into an old vial, then only traveling with that vial. Probably wouldn’t bother with test cyp. but it might also be a good idea. Maybe use vials like these

Any thoughts or opinions on this?


So, you’re more concerned with getting your HCG when on the road, than your Test? Hopefully, I’m misunderstanding you. Depending on how long your gone, you can load a syringe with Test and put it in a toothbrush holder with some cotton balls to keep it from moving around and then inject when you can. If TSA checks your bag and stops you all yo have is one dose, not the whole vial.


Oh - no. I’m worried about a month’s worth of HCG getting ruined due to lack of proper cooling. Don’t have that concern with test cyp. I have a prescription so not worried about TSA.


For shorter air travel I load hCG and T into syringes and cold pack hCG in diabetic travel kits that have small gel packs. Also have some labels that indicate that you have Rx for these if challenged. I agree that a large amount of hCG should not be subjected to risk of degradation.

There are diabetic accessories that can carry two loaded syringes. These have transparent tops so the contents are visible without TSH having to open them and they should not. And you have a right to handle and display these items and not have them contaminate your items.

You should pull out your diabetic kit and put in a tray that goes through X-ray, as you would for your 1 quart bag of sub 3 ounce liquids and tell someone that you have injectables in the kit with a small gel pack. Gel packs for this purpose are exempt from other applicable rules.