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Traveling with HCG


I've read some of the old posts about this which are very helpful. My question is what do you do with your used pins when traveling? Do you look for a sharps container at your destination to dispose of them, or do you attempt to bring them home and dispose of them there? This is pertaining to air travel.



Easy to carry back home. I have not seen sharps containers anywhere except a few airport washrooms.
Have a kit where you can keep used syringes. If your luggage or carry-on gets inspected, they will be pissed if they perceive a risk of getting a needle puncture.


Most restrooms in highly populated areas will have sharps containers in them. Otherwise I think there are smaller sharps containers for travel available.




Have one of those. Works great.


What about using a freezer pack? Any chance HCG gets too cold? If so, does that wreck it?

TSA website says they will scrutinize gel packs that aren’t frozen solid. I’m thinking about getting a Medicool traveling insulin pack and preloading the syringes. The cooling element is a freezer pack and the syringes would be placed directly against it.


I could see direct contact causing the syringes to freeze, but something as simple as a kitchen towel placed between the ice block and the pins should prevent damage due to freezing.