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Traveling with Gear


Hello T-Nation, although this is my first post/user I have lurked the forums for quite some time. In the past, I have thrown in BCAA's, Multi-Vi, and many other pills into a single bottle and transported it from home (Bahamas) to where I currently reside, Boston. I have a really legit dealer back home in Bahamas and I am traveling there on thanksgiving and was wondering if I could maybe throw in a few anavar pills (500 :stuck_out_tongue: ) into different containers such as tylenol, maybe some bcaa bottle or something. Are the chances of being caught high or would you do it? Is there any way they can identify those pills as being oxandrolone through scanners and such? Im planning on checking my bag into the planes belly but still I am very skeptical and would like some inside info on this.

Thank You,


Its ok if its a few pills say if you're going for a week's visit.. your risk is small... If they decide to search your bags they might ask you what it is... they will want to see your script if you say it is a prescription medication and if you say it is something else they can pull out their book of pill pictures to identify it... obviously it won't be identifiable and there isn't a lab field test to identify it as oxandrolone so you might not be arrested on the spot. They do have field tests to detect narcotics of course but not steroids.

It's your call ... a small amount is unlikely to get you in trouble... If i was you I would just say they are digestive enzymes that you take regularly that you got from your local drug store in the Bahamas ... unless they are genuinely pharmaceutical... if they are, they may be identified as such by their book of pill pictures lol.

basically small amounts are probably fine..


Yeah it's not a weeks visit. It's a small 60mg ED cycle of anavar for 6 weeks. (5 bottles, 100 pills of 5mg each). The pills are really small though so I think I can fit about 250 in a medium tylenol bottle. I will try to find some local medicinal container so they can't identify it if they ever do stop me. So let's say two maybe three containers filled with pink pills won't look at all suspicious?


So, Yay or Nay? :slightly_smiling:


Seems like a lot of risk for such a small amount of gear.

I would just look for a source in Boston.

Especially with all the shit going down with bombs on planes right now... I wouldn't bother.


Would FedExing the gear pose any type of risk aside from loosing the gear?


I would just look for a source once you get into the country....

But there are some sources that send across borders with the US postal system, so I don't know why Fed ex would have more protection than them....


I would be very wary of putting them in your luggage. The quantity concerns me as well. Would 500 pills be considered intent to distribute? In that case, you're considered an illegal steroid dealer. Not worth the risk imho.

Fed ex it to yourself.


agreed... lay the pills flat and fedex in document form...using some kind of foil wrap to thwart xray is a good idea as well.


Hmmm I think I'll end up FedExing them. Anyways just found out that the pills are 10mg not 5mg so its actually 250 pills not 500 soz :). I'll lay it flat in document form but let's say I put them in another bottle and just send it along with some other legal stuff, will it still be safe?
Thanks guys


Theres always the ability to deny you knew what was mailed to you.

Even intercepting fairly large amounts of steroids, the authorities just seize and carry on.

Its somewhat more rare for them to go after guys with little criminal record in drugs or anything of that nature.

You find most of the "steroid importers" that get busted are also brining in painkillers, benzos, party drugs like X and the like.

The authorities are going after steroids more than they used to, significantly more, but its still sort of common to "look the other way" when they catch you.

Hell most cops I know are juicing as well, same with soldiers.

Its a part of life for physical professions.