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Traveling with a SERM


hey guys, quick question..

im going to run a havoc cycle in the near future, and im not going to start my cycle without having my nolva on hand. since buying nolva from a research lab is legal, would i run into any problems packing it on my checked luggage?

obviously flying with it isnt optimal, but im just concerned with it being seized.



Why not just plan your cycle so you don't have to run PCT while traveling?

Research chemicals are legal if you are doing research. If you can explain that you are carrying out your research while you travel you may not have a problem. But the people doing the questioning will also have a functioning brain, so good luck.


My Nolva taste and smells like mouth wash. A travel sized mouthwash bottle, and no one would know the difference.


Mine taste like pure alcohol and very bitter. So I'd chuck it in a small bottle of vodka. :smiley:


If you are travelling, it might not be the best time to do PCT from a gains-retention standpoint (is there any other, lol?). It's best to be at home where you know you'll have top nutrition on hand, and your local gym is nearby. Factors are just less controllable when travelling, ime.