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Traveling w/ Powder D-bol in Caps?


In 6 weeks im flying out to america, and a friend wanted me to bring some d-bol (as here i can get it in bulk powder so its far cheaper), if i capped it as usual and put it into a say B.C.A.A tub would it pass through security?

ive taken regular supplements before like tablets and powders, and if i cap it with a white powder say creatine it looks exactly as the caps do in the regular b.c.a.a tubs u buy from a store, so i cant see how it would looks suspicious....unless there is a way to identify Dianabol quickly i.e sniffer dogs/computers? i dont think this is the case unless i am mistaken?

so really what im asking is if it looks just like a regular supplement there wouldent be any suspicion over it or any way that it would be identified?



Dumb dumb dumb idea.

Really dumb.

Really, really dumb.

Does that answer your question?

Shit, just mail it to him. At least then it's your friend taking the risk.


yea i thought its dumb,

but for shits n giggles, what would make it any different than taking b.c.a.a caps through? im mean d-bol doesnt glow green


Uh, the fact that on the off-chance that for whatever reason you do get caught at it, you will possibly be spending a very long time in an American prison.

You really want to risk that for your buddy?

I wouldn't for my brother if the risk was one in a million.

Again: Just mail it to him.


yea i know you are right 100% i was never fully certain about doing it,

but i still am curious about how would they test it?


It is not the dumbest idea I have ever heard, but it still has a very small risk to it. I understand your reasoning though. The wouldn't have any reason to test it. I think it would not be that risky if it were just one bottle of bcaa's. You start bringing in multiple bottles and questions could be raised.


You almost certainly would't get caught. There aren't any steroid-sniffing dogs or chemistry test labs in airports where every supplament in a checked back gets tested for purity. It would be easier and slightly safer to just mail it though.


yea see thats what i though, i mean it would look exactly like a normal tub of b.c.a.a's i get, 2 identical tubs identical caps plus some bags with powder b.c.a.a and whey.. if it was all in my suitcase it should be fine,


What's your flight number? Delta? British Airways?


Usually pills/vitamin bottles make it through no problem, I still wouldn't do it though lol



Especially when you can just mail them without exponentially increasing the possible consequences.

However low the risk may be, jeez, what if you did get caught?


PL, would you try it?


When I brought Xanax and codeine with me back from mexico (into the US) via plane I simply emptied the pills/tablets from their factory packaging and put them into tylenol and advil bottles. What you are doing should be low risk, easy to do. At the same time, like what cortes is saying, what if YOU DO get caught?

Personally, I would probably do it, as long as whatever container it goes in the capsules all look the same, so there is no differentiation. Wouldn't make a habit out of it thats for sure... One time (when I was younger) I brought either 2 or 4 grams of cannabis with me via plane. I put it in an airtight plastic bag, and a plastic tube made for a tooth brush (there was also a tooth brush in the plastic tube) Wouldn't do some thing that stupid again... :slight_smile: