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Traveling Tote/Carrying Case Ideas

Hey, gang!

I’m getting some graduation ideas together for a couple of friends.

I’d like to get a nice traveling case/tote (like the one pictured) for a couple of athletic guys. They travel a lot (on buisness mostly).It should be able to hold mostly a Laptop and gym stuff.

I’d love some ideas from you guys!

(Mine is too “basic”; I’d like something for these guys that says active, atheletic and… cool)!



(HEY! I know a lot of you guys travel!)

Just a “BUMP”!


Hey Mu,

Check out the Oakley Icon 2.0. I’ve got the 1.0 and the only difference is the 2.0 has a laptop compartment. I’ve taken it on multiple trips and thru 4 airports and I love it! It’s got enough space for two days worth of clothes and assoted gear making it a superb carry-on pack. It’s also perfect for gym gear.



THANKS, Brother!

I was thinking about a company geared toward athletes. (Oakley, Nike, Ogio, etc.)

That looks like a great bag! (Especially with the addition of the laptop compartment).

Keep the ideas coming, guys!


“Ogio” seems to have a nice selection.


Anyone own any “Ogio” bags?