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Traveling to Goa, India


My girl and I are gonna be spending some time in India in June, and will be spending about a week in Goa. I was just wondering if anyone had been there, and if you might have any tips. Right now I've got my eye on Palolem, but I'm open to suggestions. Restaurants, accomodation, beaches, etc.


Yea, avoid any arabic airlines.


Actually, it worked out well. The cheapest flight I could get was British Airways. But seriously, has anyone been there??


Been there twice this year, as I happen to live in South India.

I love the place.

Palolim is in South Goa. Very pretty, great beaches, cheap shacks on the beach, but pretty dead as far as night life goes. If you want the serene calm experience its not bad.

North Goa is where all the nightlife and the bars/ restaurants are. If you are interested in this look for a place in Baga. Its a bit noisy and over done but its the nexus of North Goa and is very close to everything.

Bear in mind that going to Goa around June means you are hitting the monsoon season. Be prepared to see rain like you've never seen before. Very pretty but please do not go into the sea.

I'm a very experienced sea swimmer and let me tell you there is nothing that can pull you out of a monsoon sea.

Night life is also very limited this time of year. It just rains too damn much.

My rec: Stay at the Taj Fort Aguada in North goa. Its a 5 star but rates are dirt cheap that time of year (< $80) they have excellent facilities, pools, restaurants, etc. Very scenic place to watch the monsoon sea.


India is nowhere near Arabia, fool,
Arab countries are:

Algeria Bahrain Comoros Djibouti Egypt Iraq Jordan
Kuwait Lebanon Libya Morocco Mauritania Oman Saudi Arabia
Somalia Sudan Syria Tunisia Qatar U.A.E Yemen


I'm kinda into the calm, serene thing. I also enjoy the little shops, restaurants, and hotels/shacks. I've spent some time in Nepal and Ghana, so I'm fairly comfortable with the bare essentials.

Also, according to weather.com's averages and records, the the monsoon really hits in July, and the rain is only sporadic in June.

If you've ever been to Palolem, where did you stay? Also, thinking about renting a scooter or small motorcycle for getting around the small towns, not the highways, good idea or mistake?


scooter's a good idea


I flew New York to San Francisco once whilst in the States on Singapore Airlines. Similarly Arab airlines fly nowhere near their native country sometimes.


Goa - that's where a whole style of electronic techno music originated from, or the music was named after the place. Apparently there are some wicked trippin' trance parties that go on there or something. I like Goa music though, it really puts you into another dimension.