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Traveling to China with 1 Year of Injections!?

I am on TRT for life, and I cant buy Testo-E in China (Guangzhou) is it possible to travel to China with one year of medicine? That would be like four boxes of Arimidex and something like 40 ampules of testosterone. thanks .

Seriously??what if I have a prescription for me? Is there any way to do this legally? I have Klinefelter syndrome and I can’t function without my TRT.

I travel internationally and have had cause to consider the same issues. Other posters have said “don’t volunteer” to talk about your medications but don’t lie if asked. That makes sense.

I also found this if you want to be extra careful … although some posters said it was a waste of time. I’d more likely err on having extra documentation rather than less …

The note/letter should be in English only (no translation needed) and here is what it should say, over his signature:
"I prescribed xxxxx (name of medicine) for yyyyy (name of patient) for treatment of a medical condition."
If you are bringing in a large amount of medication (such as a one year supply) you might want to ask you doctor to add mention of the amount prescribed.
Some (maybe all) of these precautions are probably not actually necessary, but if they set your mind at ease, then go ahead and do them. No harm in it.