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Traveling to Chile, S. America


I have the opportunity to travel to South America next spring semester. I would like peoples opinions about where to go. I have some ideas, yet someone's personal experience would be worlds better than just my neurotic guess. Thanks for the replies : )


I got laid in Ecuador once. He was real nice too.


I would try to not let them know you are from the USA





in 2 sentence:

1973- Augusto Pinochet military coup d'état, a dictator supported by the US on a democratically elected socialist president (Salvador Allende). People were tortured and mysteriously disapeared under his dictatorship.
I bet they dont teach that in your school.

People from south america don't like gringos


Just don't be stupid and you should be fine. As I mentioned in another thread, if you get the chance, check out Bolivia (Santa Cruz). You should be able to get a round trip flight for under a hundred or so.

Start working on your Spanish!


Have you ever been to South America?

I've met two guys who backpacked around South America on two separate occasions and both of them said it was the best time of their lives, and that the people are extremely nice.

OP, have fun! I'm jealous.


We can't make any generalisation that is for sure.


Go to Machu Picchu, in Peru. You can hike on the Inca Trail for a few days and then finish in Machu Picchu. Definitely worth the trip.
I live in Buenos Aires. If you like going out, there's lots to do. Nothing particularly noteworthy about the city though. From what I've heard, Santiago is safer and more stable economically than B.A., but not as much fun. I've never been to Chile though, so it's just hearsay.

Uh, definitely not true. In Buenos Aires, at least. There's definitely not that same arrogant sort of dislike that many Europeans have for the U.S. There is a little resentment down here, but nothing to the degree that you would ever have to try to conceal the fact that you are American. In fact, like one poster above said, the people down here are fantastic. VERY friendly. Really, they just resent our government and big business, but they also hate their own governments, so it's nothing special.


is there another Chile I'm not aware of?


I spent a week in Santiago Chile last year. Everyone was very nice and didnt care about me being an American. Didnt see much outside of the city but people rave about Patagonia and the skiing. Also, Chilean hotdogs are awesome.


I never went to chile but my friend (not really, but anyway) hitch-hiked in mexico and he told me that the trucker wouldnt take them on the road. They had to stop at gas station and ask them if they could ride with them. They had to say they were not gringos, that they were from Quebec, Canada.

In my limited political knowledge I think Chile (and Guatemala and Nicaragua) have a lot of reasons to hate the US. But I guess you folks are now exploiting Mexico these days.

I guess the reason that people didnt bother If you were from the US is that they try to forget what happened. What can you do? Life goes on


Caveman lives in Chile


dude, dont expect anyone to understand this. you need some education of world history.

also...my friend (not really, but anyway) made me fucking lol


Ok so... I am Chilean, and I have Traveled all over the world. Santiago is actually a very modern city, a lot of things to do, great night life(a little expensive if you are going to the top places), just be careful, it is a big city and some places are not safe, specially for outsiders.

You should definitely go to viña del mar, it is about 1-2 hours away from santiago, and it is in my opinion the most beautiful city in the pacific.

Overall, just do not worry, santiago is pretty much like any other mayor city in the world, it is no different from cities like atlanta or chicago(I would know, I have been in atlanta and it is very similar to santiago).


Go ahead


Yeah, that's probably the most likely explaination. That must be it. Exactly (rolls eyes).


I backpacked Europe back in the day for 6 months. There was some resentment towards Americans just like anywhere else, but in the end people just tend to be very nice, especially the "deeper" you go into a country.

I took a ferry over to Morocco from Spain- the outlying cities (Tangiers and Casablanca) were a little aggressive, but once you got into the interior of Morocco things got much better. I planned on staying in Morocco for 2 days and stayed for 3 weeks. I even got into the Sahara Desert for a week and experienced no problems whatsoever.

You will be more than fine in South America. I'm very very jealous, when I got home from Europe/Morocco I wanted to backpack South America, but settled down instead (read: knocked up my girlfriend).

I understand that Americans have a TON of fun in Rio and other cities in Brazil, they are very forward regarding sex. There are some amazing outdoor adventures all over SA as well- Paraguay, Argentina, etc.

Good luck.


My cousins are from Chile.They moved over here about 8 years ago.Haven't really heard anything from them in the last 6 years.

Anyway,my mam went to visit,she said there's incredible poverty there,but that there's also a lot to do and a lot to see.In cities like La Sarena and Santiago there's serious gambling,and everything is dit cheap there,as you can have imagined.


That hotdog sig looks DELICIOUS! You actually tried one of those while you were down there?