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Traveling to Canada


I'm going to be traveling to Canada in a couple weeks. Does anyone know of any supplements that I would not be allowed to bring into the country? I'm assuming protein powder would be ok though, at least I hope so.

Also, I'll be in a little town called Kanata which is outside of Ottawa. Does anyone know of any good places to workout in that area while I'm there that wouldn't be too expensive?

Thanks in advance for any tips and advice.


How long are you going to be there? It may be possible to get a trial membership for a week at a gym for free...



I'll just be there a week. Any recommendations for a gym?


I'm not sure how close this place will be to you, but it looks good:


As far as the supplements go, I wouldn't worry about it , you can pretty much get anything across the border if it's for personal use.


If you can get to the ACC you'll get a great workout but I dont know if they have week long trials. Its about 10mins away from Kanata on the 417

good luck


Little town? Kanata is a suburb of Ottawa and is mostly a high tech area. That's where the Ottawa Senators' home rink is located. It's considered to be part of the city of Ottawa.

There is actually a nice YMCA facility located in the Corel Centre (Senators' rink). They will give you a one-week membership.

The ACC probably wouldn't. But I'm not too sure.

Have fun!


Yeah, that place definitely looks cool. But you're right, after reading about the place on the website I'm not sure they'd let me come to workout. Seems to cater just to pro/semi-pro athletes. I'll have to call and find out for sure.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely have to check out that YMCA. They usually have pretty good deals for a weekly pass and most I've been to have a decent free weight selection.


The most important thing to know is you can't bring firearms across the border to Canada.

Almost everything else should be fine though you may want to avoid various stimulants just in case.


Would that include HOT-ROX as well?


Are you driving or flying? Which port of entry will you be using?

Driving is better, less likely to be stopped, especially if you are going through a busy port, ie, Windsor/Detroit. Flying could be trickier, but it is a crapshoot.

Remember to only answer the questions that they ask, don't OFFER anything that may cause them concern. Be honest and forthcoming and you shouldn't have a problem.

If all else fails, put the HOT-ROX in a Vitamin C bottle. Just kidding. I would, however, only bring the minimal amount of HOT-ROX that would be used for your own personal use, if you are really concerned, but bring it in the bottle, so anyone who is looking can check the ingredients.

Good luck and sorry you have to go to Ottawa.


I would be very careful what supplements you bring into Canada.

Any products that are not labled with English, and French are going to send up a 'red flag', and may be subjected to further inspection.

I Know many people that have had problems with natural herbs, like tribbulus that they bought in the US.

Don't even think about bringing in Andro, or any product that has Ephedra in it. It's illegal here within products, however.....it can be purchased on it's own in 8mg tabs. Anything higher is prohibited.

Any protein power should be just fine....unless they think you're smuggling something in there. Don't worry, prisons here are like summer camp anyway (I've heard!)

Good luck, and enjoy your stay. (In Kanata, I mean, not prison)


I'll be flying into Ottawa, driving isn't an option for me since I'm coming from Washington. I had only planned on bringing some protein powder and HOT-ROX. I can do without the HOT-ROX for a week though if it may cause any problems. Both I planned to keep in their original containers. Thanks for the advice!