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Where's your spot?
What's that one place you've been to that always brings a smile to your face. Are you urban or do you like natural beauty.
Where's that #1 vacation spot you'll never get tired of visiting?

For me:
Urban - Montreal
Out-of-the-way - Somewhere in the wilds of Northern Michigan or on a mountain top in Utah.



Pitsburg New Hampshire in the winter. Middle of nowhere, 30 minutes from the closest small town. Nothing but trees, snow, and moose.


Myrtyle Beach, SC camping 4th of July week in campers with my family.

I don't go to a lot of places, but always have a blast there.


Dominican Republic in the winter. Leaving in 6wks to go again :slight_smile:


We just honeymooned there and had a great time. Where are you staying?

My favorite spot is Vegas, with Christmas in July at Put In Bay a close second. I'd rather party all-out for 3-4 days than relax for a week though. That's just me.


DR and Playa del Carmen are good times if you have like a week or so, if it's a weekend, AC or Vegas.

Barcelona made me want to move there.


DR and Playa del Carmen are good times if you have like a week or so, if it's a weekend, AC or Vegas.

Barcelona made me want to move there.


Maui, for a big vacation. For something easy and closer, Catalina Island. Love that place.


Cambria California for a long weekend.

Urban? Has to be Washington DC if that counts. Still need to see more, and I could set on the steps of the Lincoln all day long.


Non-urban: Lake Almanor in Northern California, just south of Mt. Lassen. Or the Kona Coast in Hawaii.

Urban: anywhere in San Francisco. Tons of fags, which means less competition for all the super-hot chicks there (there are a LOT of beautiful women in SF). Plus the city itself is gorgeous, unique, diverse and never dull.


Myrtle Beach fucking sucks. It's like New Jersey came down and decided to take a shit on SC and MB is where they did it.

I've got a favorite beach in SC a few hours south, but its kind of a "best kept secret" sort of place so I'm not telling.


Bariloche Argentina

-Incredibly scenic, similar to Banff, but better imho,

-exotic looking women,

-great food at affordable prices,

I want to spend my winters there one day.


Vegas baby.


It's more about the camping/drinking with family than anything MB has to offer. Though I love Crocodile Rocs


Is it Edsito? Edisito? However you spell it.

It was pretty nice when I was there, shit, almost a decade ago.


I've been camping there before. The only redeeming quality are the all you can eat calabash buffet places.



Urban - Vegas
Non-urban: Anywhere far away from humanity on a mountain in my tent.

The one that always takes the cake is cruises. Royal Caribbean ftw!


I personally hate the country and the outdoors. So my pick would be the Marriott on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, France.

My wife and I vacationed there last year and it's an amazing city. My wife is already planning our next trip there.

If you haven't been you're doing yourself a disservice.


last time we went it was Punta Cana (the resort was the Occidental i think) and it was about 18 of us so it was nuts.

this time we're going to puerto plata for a week. already rented some ATV's for some jungle fun!


Yellowstone National Park......seen it a hundred times and there is always something new.