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traveling overseas with supplements

I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with travel (more specifically through customs at airports) with supplements - nothing hardcore, just creatine and protein powders.
Is it risky to do? i don’t want to have my tubs yoinked from me just because customs authorities are a little suspicious.
Thanks guys and gals.

I tried last year man. Brought a butt load of protien, pills, glutamine, creatine, etc, on a two week trip to the Caymans. No problem. However, this was before 9-11, and I packed all the supplements in my suitcase, not my carry-on. I would imagine though it should not create a problem. I’ll find out as well next month. Good Luck!

I just came back from Greece a week ago with protein, MAG-10, and a bunch of other Biotest goodies all in-tow. However, those baggage-handling malakas cracked my PowerDrive container open and the contents went all over my clothes! If you have any other questions please ask.