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Traveling on Airplane Kills Strength in the Gym?

I just traveled this past week. 6 days apart. Both flights were roughly 3 hours. I worked out once while I was away (3 days after first flight) and then right after I got back to town. Both times I felt my strength levels were substantially down. Diet stayed the same. Hydration could have been a bit better-I was in a warmer location but didnt seem to lose any water weight because my body weight was not down at all.

I slept perfectly every night and for plenty of hours each night. My strength might have been peaking right before I left-I was making PRs literally every time Id do a pressing movement. Not sure if maybe I did peak (I wasnt following any liner progression Id just try to top what I did the session before) or if air travel actually can, or does have this effect.

Anybody experience this before?

There are thousands of things that could have affected your strength levels: sleep, time zone differences, stress, diet, mobility (loss of from sitting), or simply being in an unfamiliar environment, etc. But no, simply travelling by airplane shouldn’t directly cause strength to drop.