Traveling? New Luggage Restrictions

"Not sure if you have read about the changes regarding luggage and certain airlines - If not, excerpt from the Sunday Pittsburg paper.

        Beginning May 5 US Airways, Continental, Delta, Northwest and United will have to pay $25 extra if they want to check a second piece of luggage.  American will charge $25 beginning May 12.  Air Canada and AirTran kicks off similar fees May 15 or later and JetBlue imposes a $20 second-bag fee on June 1.

For now, Midwest, Southwest and USA 3000 will continue their policies of two free checked bags per customer.

        Specifics vary from airline to airline; the new checked bag policies generally apply on to passengers traveling in economy class, or on tickets that are discounted or free.  Also, the $25 fee applies to the second bag; additional bags can cost up to $100 each.  

The charges are per bag each way for domestic flights, so a second bag to check will cost at least $50 extra round trip. Charges are due on the spot and must be paid with a credit or debit card, cash or check. This also applies to sports equipment.

        Don�??t thing about getting around the limitation on the number of bags by packing one bigger one.  Carriers around the globe have begun enforcing their limits on bags that are heavier than 50 pounds or whose cumulative dimensions (height, width and length) measure more than 62 inches.  Charges exceeding specifications can range up to $100 per piece each way.

        Curbside check-ins -  USAirways passengers will now be able to only check in one bag at the curb.  If you have more bags per passenger, or a single bag either oversize or overweight, you will have to check in at the counter inside.     If you have only one bag to check, US Airways now charges $2 for convenience of using curbside service.  

That $2 is in addition to any tip you would normally give to skycaps who actually handle the bags. Continental and Delta still check more than one bag at the curb, but skycaps can only take cash for extra charges.

        Beginning Wednesday, May 7, USAirways passengers who check in for their flights online at will have a new option:  �??choice seats�??.  The program gives them the chance to reserve a window or aisle seat in preferred rows on the plane (usually the first eight rows in economy class) for $5 or more per flight leg, the price depending on the flight's duration.  

In the event only ‘choice seats’ remain when you try to check in online ahead of time and you don’t want to pay the extra reservations charge, you will have to check in and get your set assignment at the airport."