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Traveling in Sweden

I’ll be traveling for 3 weeks in Sweden in June. Can anybody recommend some gyms that I can get into for a day (I’ll be all over the country), or some workouts that I can do while on the road and without any equipment? How about any suggestions on diet, as I’ve found it quite a bit more of a challenge to eat while traveling in Europe due to cultural differences (try to get an egg for breakfast in france!). I’d like to keep as much of my gains on as possible while still staying lean. Perhaps the “traveling workout and diet” can be a subject for a t-mag article. Thanks!

You should be able to get in some great swiss ball workouts!

Do warrior training, http://www.testosterone.net/html/body_139short.html Very simple. I’m not very educated on the eating choices over there, so I’d say pack the Grow and natural peanut butter. I know the people in France use wise meal combinations that avoid fat gain, sort of like Massive Eating, so a traditional French meal should be a good idea.

Liquid: Excellent idea! This looks like exactly what I need. Thanks!

Sweden is packed with gyms,so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one.The first workout is usually free.And yes we’ve heard of eggs also!

Todd,the swiss in “swiss ball” does not refer to Sweden!
Sweden=Swedish,not Swiss!
Usually Americans think there are polarbears roaming the streets here,when in fact most Swedes have never even seen one.
Since Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones air on TV here,Americans have a reputation of being rather stupid and poorly educated(especially geography).

Hi Steve!
Sweden has mostly the same food as you do. We usually eat a real brekfast (not the thick buttered panncakes you eat uarkkkk:=) Kidding aside! You are welcome. You can find most supplemnts in sweden (not pro hormones), but they are more expensive here in sweden! You might be able to score some gear though! Gear is usually much cheaper in sweden than it is in the states! Enjoy your trip! Be sure not to miss Bohuslan at the westcoast, just north of Gothenburg!

Your on vacation, screw it! Don’t worry about it there. In Europe you tend to walk alot so you’ll stay lean, you can recover rather quickly when you come back. Why would you want to take time from your vacation to work out? Go have fun, work harder when you come home.

Unleashed: Thanks for the advice. Last time I was there (17 years ago!), breakfast was basically crispbread, butter and cheese. I guess things have changed quite a bit since then (although not so much in France, since I was there only 2 years ago). Definitely I’ll be hitting Bohuslan. Right now my plans are to come into Stockholm, probably stay there 2-3 days, then onto Gothenburg, head up north along the border, back down probably through the norwegian west coast, and then back over to Stockholm via the southern coast. I’d also like to get into Uppsala and a little further north if I have the time. I also need to hunt for some people that I’ve lost in touch with around the Gothenburg area some time (any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!), and hopefully see them.
While I’d seriously consider scoring some gear while I’m there, getting back into the US would not be that easy, and it would seem that using there with no workout would be a waste. Is MD6 and the like legal there? I could always pack a bottle if it’s really expensive (although the US dollar is REALLY good now). Anyway, thanks again for the advice.

Pat: Normally, I’d probably agree with you. A few days off isn’t that bad. But, the length of time is quite a bit, and I have a wedding that I really want to look good for (get all those college buddy football bums jealous) that is the week after I get back. And, I live in SoCal, so I want to look as good as possible for the summer (it’s all about the bod here :-).

Swede: Based on Pat’s comment, no wonder why we have such a bad reputation! But isn’t it like really cold there like the whole like year? Like should I like bring my like parka?
:slight_smile: Hope your not too offended, Pat! It’s all in good fun.

Hi Steve, if you’re in stockholm, visit sport club, its the best!
good luck

Ooops, this is what I get for writing while late at night and low carbs - it was Todds comments that we were making fun of, not Pats.


Hello again Steve! Sorry I havent seen this post since I wrote in it. I live not too far from Gothenburg and Sure I´ll help you locating your friends if I can! MD6 is not legal to sell here, but I dont think you will have any trouble with customs. How do we get in touch so I can help you locating your friends? By the way, seems like a very nice trip around sweden! Take care, Unl

Unleashed: Thanks so much for the help! It would be really appreciated (BTW, is there anything that you want to try that IS legal in the US that I can bring you?). How can we exchange e-mails in private? Perhaps the moderator could help us out? [NOTE FROM MODERATOR: SORRY, WE CAN’T DO THIS] Otherwise, I can create a dummy e-mail address on yahoo or something that you can send me your e-mail address, and then I can send you my permanent one.

Unleased: Dummy e-mail account created on yahoo with my handle as the user name. I’ll only use it to exchange our real e-mail addresses. Thanks again, Steve.