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Traveling in Camper. Cooking/Diet Tips?

So I’m stuck in a camper for at least the next month, maybe 2. Extremely limited cooking room, even less cold food storage, short on time, and about $130/week to spend on food.

Not ideal, and I’m not looking for perfect advice. Really my only goals are ~200 to ~250g of protein a day; and ~3000 calories a day. I’m just trying to get stronger without putting on too much fat. I’m 6’3" 215lbs (lightest I’ve been in years, not good or bad, just an observation), following 531 BBB for whatever that’s worth.

Any simple tips from others that have been in a similar situation, time wise, and resource wise? Like I said, I’m not going to overthink this and be the healthiest i possibly can, im just going to use this time as an excuse to shovel food in and lift heavy shit. Just preferably cost effective and not grade F meat sources.

When I’m low.on cash I buy chicken thighs. They’re cheap and have more calories than chicken breasts.

Tunas really cheap as well.

I also drank protein shakes with olive oil or coconut oil or even some honey for added calories.

As far as carbs white rice is crazy cheap as is oatmeal. I don’t eat oatmeal but it’s cheap. I eat cream of rice which isn’t as cheap as oats but still cheap.

Depending how clean you want to eat, pretzels are cheap and provide a good amount of carbs.

Pasta is really cheap too if you have a spot to boil water.

Look for sales of possible and if you have discount food stores around you, check those to see if you can find items cheaper. I shop at Aldi a lot for some items and it’s a lot cheaper, sometimes 2-3$ cheaper.

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If you have access to a grocery store close, a lot of the times their will be discounted meat that needs to be consumed that day. usually 30 percent cheaper where I live.

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Beans are cheap too if you can handle canned beans.

Peanutbutter, eggs if you have the space, sunflower seeds are cheap around here and have a fair amount of protein. Chick peas are also cheap and a good source of protein.

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Awesome ideas guys. I like the idea of mixing olive oil with my shakes, the chicken thighs and discount beef.

I honestly didnt expect the volume of food to be that difficult. Dont get me wrong, I can put down enough taco bell to starve a small city, but as far as food sources that dont come out of a caulk gun, it’s difficult to get the amount I need in 2-3 meals a day.

Tortilla shells+anything you want.

Like taco bell, just way better.

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