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Traveling During Cycle

I am in the midst of an anavar only cycle and it is very possible I will take two connecting flights in about two weeks. I did not know about this, and if I did, I would of scheduled my cycle after the trip. However, here are my questions…

  1. What would happen if I stopped my cycle cold turkey for about 4, maybe 5 days?

  2. What are the chances of getting caught with anabolic steroids if I throw in about 50 pills in an empty Tylenol bottle? Is there a way the airport security could somehow identify those pills as an illegal substance? ( There is no way of visually identifying my anavar as they come in little pink pills with no writing or picture on them. )

( P.S- I am hispanic with a slight arabic descent so yes I get stopped very frequently at the airport, and the last time I flew they made me open my carry-on luggage in the gate and they examined absolutely EVERYTHING)

… :S … Should I do it?

Any and all help is appreciated, Thank You…

i would say NO! You can always get blood levels up right before you go through the check point. Then When you return, it’s not worth the risk IMO.


yeah im leaning towards the no side, however, I am interested in what kind of loss I’ll be experimenting…

Don’t do it. Risk of a complete search is very low, but the downside is very high compared to the performance gains you might get from not taking a break. You didn’t mention it, but I assume these are domestic flights?

I have had bags closely examined and supplement bottles with tablets or capsules in them were never an issue.

I wouldn’t myself use a Tylenol bottle as a person might be familiar with what Tylenol tablets look like.

A clear supplement bottle that originally had tablets, and therefore the label reads “tablets,” would be what I’d use ideally, though I’ve had no problem with the usual opaque ones. This is assuming your product came in tablets – obviously the other way around if capsules.

I’m giving no recommendation either way. Entirely a personal decision.

Really nothing adverse will happen if you take those days off of the cycle, other than not getting whatever small added increment you’d otherwise have gotten during those days. Which can be made up on the back end of the cycle anyhow. So no big deal, certainly.

Allright guys thanks, I’ve decided not to travel with them as the legal issues I’d get would be pretty messed up.
davidcox1- yes, domestic flights
thank you for your support,