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Traveling & Can't Take Gear, Booster Shot?

Hey all been doing tons of lurking and reading, thanks so much for all the info.

A little background:
42 yrs old, been back on the plates for about 1.5 yrs fairly steady with cardio breaks in between, 21 lbs lost in last 2 mos, put 5 or so back on recently but its prolly water weight. 230 lbs at 5’9" and 25ish % bf, (too much) ON my second cycle and running it heavier than the first, have been doing TRT for about a year.

Currently running 600mg test cyp @ wk (M/W/F )npins with 60mg Dbol ED, (20/20/20) this is beginning my third week, really starting to feel it today :slight_smile: Running arimidex and nolva for AI and SERM
Have noticeable gains already and starting to get tight in the skin :slight_smile:

SOO, I have to travel out of the country from the 11th to 17th of march, I dont want to PCT yet nor loose my levels but am concerend about taking gear on the trip. What about backing up 7 days from the midpoint of the trip and doing a heavy pin? What about “front loading” before I leave or after I get back. I might take some Dbol with, but probly no gear and would prefer to not take anything at all just to avoid any potential “negative experiences”

thoughts? advice?

thanks all

If you are on legitimate doctor prescribed TRT, you have nothing to worry about…what is your concern? That they will measure your vial whilst entering and exiting the country and decide that you abused steroids while you were there?

Duh, good point. I do have a letter… somewhere… better find it. :-0

Any thoughts if I cant find the letter, on the booster shot ?


OK, found the letter, all is good ( even if I do feel dumb LOL )

Id still like to know the answer for education’s sake if anyone wouldnt mind taking the time

thanks :slight_smile:

Probably ok if you are using ethanate or cypionate esters…but completely unnecessary…

I am on TRT and have taken my vial into the EU and the UK (I think they have separate customs), as well as Canada with no issues whatsoever. My bottle doesn’t even have the script info on it and I didn’t have the doctor letter…though it would obviously be better to have it.

[quote]silvrback wrote:SOO, I have to travel out of the country from the 11th to 17th of march,
I’m always interested in tips and tricks on this issue, but you’re only gone 7 days? Multiple shots a week are better to stabilize blood levels but it’s not as if you’ll plunge to off cycle levels if you simply take a bigger shot just before leaving on the 11th, and then go back to normal on the 17th!

it’s test C… I don’t think blood levels should drop that much if you have 1 week between shots…