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Traveling and Diet?


Any fellow road warriors on here?

I travel 50% of the time (down from 90% thanks to budget cuts).

I have gotten pretty good at keeping both my diet and training schedule in check while on the road, but am always looking for new ideas, especially with the diet part. Eating the same three meals day in and day out gets a little boring. Anyone have any suggestions from grocery stores that are either pre-prepaired, or can be cooked with a microwave only?


I am assuming that your company pays for your meal expenses so why wouldn't you just eat out? Or... go to a nutrition store and buy some bars and protein and expense that as part of your meals? If all that is a no then what about a Rotisserie Chicken? Almost every grocery has them and you can add hot sauce or bbq to change it up.



I travel a bunch for work.

If you can get a hotel room with a fridge and microwave you're golden.

I usually buy pre-boiled eggs in a bag and cottage cheese for the week (or just go to store every night or two). For lunch, I'm usually on site at customers place so I go with the flow there. This past week I was near a Firehouse sub shop. I just got the Chief Salad all week with turkey (lettuce, boiled egg, deli meat). I also put a bag of tuna in it (or canned sardines). Sometimes I'll take a bag of pregrilled chicken (like Tyson or Purdue) and put it in teh customers "break room" fridge.

Dinner(s)-- just about every supermarket (Publix this week) has rotisserie chickens or turkey breasts. In the frozen section you can usually find flash frozen salmon, cod, tilapia, etc that is microwavable. Hell, in Maine, the grocery stores will steam lobsters for you for free. Some places usually have shrimp plates on ice.

There's no end to choices when traveling if you have access to a supermarket and a microwave.

Of course, there's always the local BBQ pit or steakhouse or Burger King


I don't travel often but when I do I eat like an idiot.

I think in my head I guess that the calories will be confused because I'm not in my usual place or some dumbass reasoning like that.