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Traveling Across the US, Advice?


Hey guys. In a few weeks I will be traveling from CT to WA to complete a summer clinical rotation in physical therapy. I will be driving myself, as I have just completed undergrad and my friends are either entering jobs or traveling themselves, so they cannot commit to such a trip. I plan to spend a good three weeks on the road and would like take in as much of this country as I can, though I can see whatever I missed on the way back. I was wondering if you guys had any specific locations/destinations that you might recommend I visit along the way.

What I had in mind was that this trip would primarily be a camping/hiking expedition, though I would like to stop in a few cities like Chicago and Las Vegas, where I can hopefully purchase some female companionship for my pussy deprived self. Any suggestions would be great. Anyone else make a similar trip in the past? Thanks.


sounds like fun, and dont buy girls for the love of god. its a painful waste of money.


if you want a good looking hooker, for under 80 dollars - Tijuana, Mexico. Or you can pay 4 or 500$ in Vegas. On that note, hookers aren't really fun no matter how attractive they are.


What is wrong with good ole' drunken one night stands with someone you just met in a bar?


If you want to really see America. meet new people, and save money on lodging . . . .



Nothing at all. However, if I don't get so lucky at the bar during this trip, I will make a purchase. It's been awhile.


Just use your hooker budget to get some barmaid saucey. keep feeding her shots. probably be cheaper anyways. So I heard...


Stop into Canon City Colorado and raft through the Royal Gorge. You need to go in early to mid June, where the snowmelt makes the water very high and very fast. It will give you something to remember.