Travel Workout??

Hi guys,

Juss wanted some info regarding any exercises that can be done on the go (even if its just to tone and/or maintain muscle mass).
I’ve just started a job that requires much travelling and it may not be possible for me to get to the gym the desired three days a week.
I already know the common exercises such as crunches and push-ups. Any other useful ideas to work the rest of the body- quads, hams, delts and back?

Any info would be great.

If you can afford some resistence bands, either from iron woody or jumpstretch, you should be able to devise ways to do all kinds of exercises from squats, to GH raises, to leg curls/extensions, to exercises working your traps etc with the bands.

I’m not sure of the quality, b/c the quality of the stretching video was bad but the info was good, but you can probably get a video from jumpstretch with a whole slew of these exercises.

Thanx dude, thats one helluva article!!

It’s amazing what a person can find in the archives :slight_smile:

can you see the pictures in it? For some reason I cant.


Doesn’t work for me either, which is a shame cause I could really use that article right now!

Any moderator cats around that could sort it out?

I’ll have the tech guys take a look at it for you.

[quote]iluminatae wrote:
can you see the pictures in it? For some reason I cant.[/quote]


Thanks !!