Travel Question

i am taking a 24 hour trip and with all the new flight scares i dont dare take any gear with me. i have been on this cycle for 2.5 months and havent missed a day and always pin within a 2 hour window of 7am. i am on test prop and tren a right now and understand that 48 hour active life but prefer ED to minimize side effects and keep things level.

i planned on pinning around noon thurs then will return friday night at 9pm. would you suggest skipping that day and resume on sat OR pinning at 9pm friday and then again at 8am sat? so is the 9pm then 8am too close together?

also if anyone has any ideas on how to get a needle full of gear through airport security in the USA-PM me and lets chat!

If you’ve been on for 2.5 months your levels are stable. Missing one day will not kill you. You could even take a double dose thursday and resume saturday. Don’t over think this.