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Travel Question: Flying with TRT

I have to make an unexpected trip to Louisiana (family emergency) later this week. I’ll be flying United. My question is, have any of you guys had to deal with air travel and bringing all of your TRT protocol gear with you? Does the vial need to be in carry on and the needles in the checked bag, or do they even allow me to bring needles?

If anyone could give me advice it would be appreciated. I haven’t flown in a long time so I have no idea where the TSA (or is it the FAA that regulates this?) lands on this.

Just be sure to bring the prescription label with you so you can prove it’s legally prescribed by a doctor, a doctor’s note would be an added bonus.

I insert the prescription label into my travel case that holds my vials and syringes.

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Is the label that is on the outside of the Empower pharmacy box sufficient?

If it’s the prescription label printed by the pharmacy with the date filled and all relevant info (Dr name who prescribe it), then yes.

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Cool deal and thank you sir!

Yah your fine and always take it on board. Put it in a diabetic carry if you can find one. They will know exactly what your having and maybe not even question it.

I actually carried 6 months supply of the cream and pills and etc and they didn’t question or stop me haha… surprised.

I always carry on board so I know for sure I will always have it. Baggage goes missing all the time. My road bike went missing in London last year. I got it the next morning so that was relieving.

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If you check, just put your shit in the checked bag, and make sure the vial has a script.

I fly all the time with needles and syringes, never a problem in a checked bag.