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Travel Issues/Plastic Containers for Test E

Hi All! Need advice on a couple questions. Currently week 2 in my second cycle, only 500/week test e. I am going for a week trip from Saturday night till the following Saturday. Which means my mon, Thurs weekly pin has to follow up with a Saturday shot. Question… would you do a double 500 for the week where I’m unsure I will have hands on an ampoule or is that possible and safe to bring test let’s say in an eye drop container if I sterilise it with boiling and alcohol. Or just front load for that week and follow up next Saturday and continue the next week with Mon, Thurs pins. It’s an issue as I’m traveling a lot for work. Sometimes I put an ampoule in my having kit but that won’t be possible this time. Anyone with similar experience or issue? Thanks guys!

Last time I went on a 9 day vacation I just did my 500mg in one shot the day before I left. Didn’t feel any different.


I would just pin 375 the day you leave, and 375 the day you get back. You’ll never know the difference.


Flying or driving?

You can easily pre-load your syringes and put them in a toothbrush holders. Put cotton in both ends to keep it from moving around. Put them in your shaving kit. I have done this for flying but I always check my bag, not carry on. Never had a problem.

Thanks guys! Yes it is always flying. Few times I just teared off the label and put a single ampoule in my shaving kit. Which I had no stress with but this time I won’t fly alone so would be a little embarrassing if they question all that. Thanks again guys!