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Travel Info from Aussies?

I am very strongly considering getting a holiday working visa for Australia. But I don’t know very much about it, I just know that it’s a great place. I was hoping to hear from some actual Aussies what they thuoght abuot the idea. I have a wide range of work experience, hospitality, retail, firefighter, telemarketer, I think I would be able to get a job fairly easily is this accurate? I know the visa requires me to change employers after six months.

Also I was wondering where a cool place to go would be? I would like to surf, and have access to good public transit. I was reading abuot perth for awhile. Any good powerlifting gyms in Australia? Would it be possible for me as a foreigner to become a member? Any advice, tips, or encouragement is strongly appreciated, from anyone not just aussies.

Background on me: I’m 22, living in chicago, working security at a hotel downtown, I am finishing my degree up in a few months,was thinking abuot going early next year. I want to go because this is probably the only time in my life where I will have the ability to do these things before I have a family and get a career and whatnot.

Assuming you’re keen, experienced and reasonably presentable I reckon you should be able to find something in hospitality, retail, security or marketing. I wouldn’t say it would be easy, but I know enough foreigners that have done it. Certain cities, especially Sydney, can be really expensive, but if you’ve got some savings as a buffer you should be able to get by. You’ll be able to find a gym that suits your needs if you’re in a major city. Got any contacts over here?

Anyway, go for it, before your life gets burdened with responsibilities and shit.

Hey man, an Aussie born and bred here that’s been to the US for a month on work and going back again in Roctober the next year for a couple of years. Maybe we can swap? :slight_smile:

In any case I’m in Perth so can only really comment on that.

Some industries here are screaming for people but there is also some news about cuts in the mining industry coming up (it’s a major driver of the economy here) but that’s on teh back of a massive boom. Mining jobs are still available if you have the right skills. Firefighting might get you an in there but they’er a stickler for qualification. Mining jobs pay very well.

Hospitality is always screaming out for people. Some places here are closing some days due to a lack of staffing in kitchens! The pay isn’t great but it’s WAY better than in the US. Min wage here is like $16.50/hr but that’s FT and you get more for casual hours. We get 4wk/yr holiday and a week sick leave - it’s a legal requirement!

Rent is pretty expensive and starting to actually cross teh threshold of buying a property in some places in Perth. I’m looking at working in CA and CO (Sacramento or Boulder/Ft Collins) and I can rent a 3br house there for less than you can get a 1br about 15mins from the city in Perth. Rent and property in most of the US is WAY WAY cheaper than most of Australia.

Be prepped to pay at least 2x as much for food here ( at least in perth) most food in the US was a minimum half price. Alcohol similarly less than half price.

Outside of that I mean all the stuff you 'muricans love or think you love about Australia is pretty much true :slight_smile: Beaches here at least in Perth are pretty much across the board better than anything I saw in the US. US people actally seemed nicer but then I’m a tourist (was in San Fran, Denver, LA, New York, Vegas).

I’d say it’s worth a look. I know for the skills you list, if you’re good and presentable you’ll find work pretty easily. If I were you the biggest barrier I reckon you’ll find in perth is finding a place to live. Renting here is a competition. I’d focus on that first trying to organise a share or something before you come. The rest will probably take care of itself.

Good luck!

Here is some helpful info.

And another.

You can stay at my place.


Research, research and more research. Lock up some accommodation before you come and don’t underestimate the cost of living here. You will earn more, but also pay more.

I’d also suggest shopping around for necessities i.e. food. You can save a lot by sourcing food outside the big 2 supermarket chains.

[quote]harrypotter wrote:
And another.


WTF is THAT??? Looks like a 20-30 foot Black Mamba…

They love their sport.

Plenty of big events lately -talk about the Lions tour and the thecurrent Ashes series.

I’m always fond of asking them what its like to get their arses kicked by a bunch whinging Poms :0

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[quote]harrypotter wrote:
And another.


WTF is THAT??? Looks like a 20-30 foot Black Mamba…[/quote]


It is a good reason to have a Honey Badger as a pet.

[quote]Cprimero wrote:
They love their sport.

Plenty of big events lately -talk about the Lions tour and the thecurrent Ashes series.

I’m always fond of asking them what its like to get their arses kicked by a bunch whinging Poms :0[/quote]

Haha, been keeping an eye on the Ashes really suprised Oz just collapsed like that, as Steve Waugh says they need to find their ‘inner mongrel’(they won’t)

OP, with your range of employment experience you should be fine - as long as you’re not too picky there’s work out here in most of the things you mentioned.

I’m in Melbourne, but have travelled and lived all over Aus (capital cities only though). Sydney and Melbourne are expensive-ish but you have the best chance of picking up most kinds of work quickly in these 2 cities. I actually found Perth the most expensive of all cities, particularly bars, restaurants etc.

Good surfing all over really, but you can’t go past the Gold Coast up in Queensland. We have the famous Bells Beach down here in Melbourne (1-2 hours out of the city) - it’s pretty awesome, even if you’re not into surfing. And of course Bondi in Sydney. And Perth beaches are great too.

All cities have decent public transport. Sydney’s is prob the best - though pretty expensive.

If you come to Melbourne or Sydney try living in the inner city (within 5-7 km of the CBD or even closer) - great nightlife and always something going on.

You’ll have a great time here. I’m prob biased but I’ve travelled the world - and IMO you can’t do better.

Just don’t mention the cricket.

I really appreciate all of the responses, I have been absorbing all of your information and I think I am getting a more realistic idea of what I am looking at in terms of housing and finances. And by housing I think it sounds like I need to take it more seriously and find somewhere before I go. It is pretty clear after reading some of your guy’s posts that I should do so more research before I pay that application fee. Thanks for all of your inputs!